Thursday, July 03, 2008

Go get a Coconut from Rio

So Sadie is dying and people are up in arms about releasing an unrepentant murderess from jail. Big surprise right? I mean I am glad she has found love and all but did she seriously expect to find forgiveness after her grand jury testimony? If anyone was watching the game she played they could see that she made every single move wrongly that she could. First boasting in prison. Then testifying while not in her right mind (look at the photos) . Then she HAD a deal with the DA. She wasn't going to walk but she WAS going to get out eventually. And she saw Charlie rubbing the sore ass she gave him and she flipped it away. So then she ends up indicted and in prison for life.

I have spent time in maximum security prisons, albeit male, albeit on the other side of the bars. There is NOTHING nice about them. Her life has been hard and fucked up. But then, thanks to her, over a half dozen lives are no more.

The point isn't about letting her out. Debra Tate is doing nothing to keep her there except gathering TV face time. She was NEVER getting out- none of them are.

The point is, if Susan gave a shit about what she has done- TELL SOMEONE THE TRUTH that you know about what happened- you have had almost four decades to reflect on this. Tell someone the truth. If it dies with you that is yet another sin against society.


Brian Davis said...

Good post Col !

Since Susan (and Tex) only found GOD through the murders...and since becoming christians have been the most important thing to happen to them, it makes me wonder if Susan And Tex are actually glad or thanksful they commited the murders because without such horrific acts neither of them would probably be born again christians today.

Jean Harlow said...

ooh interesting comment Brian... yes, one would wonder..

Col. you don't think Leslie will ever get out? Even if she admits to her part in the LaBianca murders?

agnostic monk said...

..that is assuming Susan actually knows anything other than what she has already volunteered over the years. Unless it's something that directly implicates her even more than she already has been implicated, I doubt she has any more insight into what happened. I don't think any of the girls do. Tex and Charlie might be a different story.

deadwoodhbo said...

Monk come on the girls knew nothing?not one of your more brilliant thoughts.

agnostic monk said...

hi deadwood, I'm saying I don't think they know any more than they've already admitted to in various interviews and testimony.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Susan's deathbed confession is very likely to be "I didn't know anything, I was blizted out of my mind on drugs, and I can't remember much about those days at all, including the murders. I just copped a plea because the nice man in the suit told me to."

Anonymous said...

I was giving this some thought today while I was mowing my lawn. you really believe that Sadie knows motive? Does Sadie know anything other than "do what Tex tells you to do?"

Even if she came forward with some blockbuster information as you wish she would do before assuming room temperature, she would likely be ridiculed for advancing desperate wacky theories. I am sure that Bug would go on TV to shoot it all down. And for those who are not scholars, the word of Bug is THE final word on TLB.

I know you have long advanced the notion that a drug burn is the root of TLB and that Gibby, her boyfriend, and Leno were not random selections. Do you suspect Susan could shed light here? I am skeptical whether she is able to.

And beyond us TLB stragglers, does anybody even want the truth anymore? If conventional wisdom were to be proven wrong, some parties will be marginalized and rendered insignificant. (Bug?)

Since Sadie will likely lay in a bed wherever she goes, if finding the truth does mean anything to the state, perhaps they should offer their compassionate release under the conditions she provide REAL information. I cannot think of a better incentive for Sadie than a true, actual, honest-to-God OPEN CELL DOOR for her wheelchair to roll through.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Um, guys, I don't know if she is even able to speak coherently. The doctors removed part of a brain tumor, but not all of it. She may be aphasic.

Anonymous said...

If that were the case, AC, then I would find absolutely no reason to keep her in prison at taxpayers expense. Throw her butt out of there and let somebody else pay for her to die.

jolenesavinghorses said...

You people have no idea what your even talking about!
There has been worse murders then the that.
She did her Time and was a kid at the time and money talks and CBS made sure that it aired every time she went to board.
You as tax payers paid for it all her education the everything she did for the good.

Very Sad she was a great lady and did alot for others.She did not have to die in prison.

Susan was not glad nor was she thankful for what had happened. She hurt and was reminded every day and never forgot what had happened.
Nothing she said or did mattered to the board so why bring her in front of them? What are they paid for to stamp no parole?
The prision styem is a warehouse not a prison. High paid CO's babysitters and it's all about the dollars. Susan will be missed by many.
Thank you James for standing by her and take care.
Sandi X Ceil Mate

grimtraveller said...

Brian Davis said...

"Since Susan (and Tex) only found GOD through the murders...and since becoming christians have been the most important thing to happen to them, it makes me wonder if Susan And Tex are actually glad or thankful they committed the murders because without such horrific acts neither of them would probably be born again christians today"

Though it's 7 years later, I had to reply to this.
Anyone that has met with Christ and seen their past life through his eyes will be thankful that God has rescued them and given them another chance.
Another chance for what though ?
Another chance to live the rest of one's life in relationship with God, through Christ, whether that life lasts twenty minutes or twenty years. Because life on earth for the believer is only the start of life without end with God.
You could not be thankful for having committed murder any more than you could drink water through your feet. Once God has opened your eyes to his love and how he feels about the human race {each individual person as well as the human race as a bundle}, you soon realize how precious human life is and there really is nothing more important than human life. If there are any Christians that are glad they've murdered or even killed, then suffice it to say, God has some serious work afoot to get that person thinking right and restored to where he intends them to be. And God knows when and if they are restored or on the way or where they're at or if they're faking.
Incidentally, both Atkins and Watson accepted God when they were youngsters and turned away from God at some point later. They actually had the opportunity to be productive, loving Christians long before they met Charlie. In fact, Charlie was in prison while they were both accepting of God. It was Atkins' Mum's death that became the big push for her from God, while Watson was seduced by the bright California lights at which point he left Christ behind. The details are there for all to read in "Child of Satan, child of God", "Will you die for me ?" and "Right hand man speaks out." So it's not accurate to say that it was because of the murders that they became Christians.
It is rather interesting that both were so sure Charlie was Christ in the time they were with him though. As a Christian myself, I'd say that though they had dropped God before meeting Charlie, they nonetheless still retained the impulse towards God that had been instilled in them from a young age. They wanted, like so many with a "Christian" "upbringing", to see, hear and feel God in action rather than be sold a pre~packaged, watered down version of a personal and powerful Lord.