Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July

--Monkeyboy Jim, having accomplished nothing with his blog is picking up the pieces of his sad life and moving on in three weeks. We hope he keeps the blog open as a monument to delusion and confusion. We'd like to point to it in the future as an example of mental illness.

-- Since Monkeyboy did NOT follow through on his promise to burn Sharon's photo or to piss on Leslie's photo, we have decided to kiss the photo of Sharon in a bikini. You can too.

-- 40 years ago today everything was cool on Spahn Ranch. Everybody was young and carefree with their lives ahead of them.

-- THIS blog will never close as long as BUG'S lie passes for the truth.

-- Vote NO on Helter Skelter!


Brian Davis said...

That's why YOU are THE COL and Jim is just a pathetic MONKEY BOY !

Col, the Monkey Boy actually wants to be YOU so bad, he can not stand it.

What a joke Savage is. Literally.

He thinks he accomplished some kind of "mission". HA HA !

The Monkey Boy accomplished nothing.

Debra Tate paid him no mind or balked at his stupid little "I'm going to burn your sisters pics or else!" stunt. Then the loser BACKED OUT !

The whole idea was stupid and wrong to begin with but if you are going to threaten you should have the balls to carry it out. Obviously Jim is a woman.

Then Savage mocks and insults the actual VICTIMS and MURDERS themselves.
And unless you agree with him, he'll cry like a bitch boy and lock down his comments so Jim can post about YOU but you can not reply.

And now the Debra Tates of the world have beaten him like Keith Moon used to beat the drums. And he can't take it no more. Boo-Hoo-Hoo ! Poor little Monkey Boy.

Life must suck when you get dumped by a 60-something year old murderer
and you can't get past it.

The Col lets us post whether we agree or disagree.

Monkey Boy can't handle an actual debate or argument. I've noticed when Savage gets stuck he will resort to name-calling or try to attack your character. Which is funny because he does not actually know anyone he is attacking.

Savage is a delusional loser.

I could go on but Savage isn't worth any more space.

Thanks as always Col and Happy and Safe 4TH of JULY to ALL !

jm30 said...

Jim should immediately obtain a mental health evaluation and follow all recommendations.

As should most of his weirdo enablers who actively goad him to continue his ramblings.

LilMagil said...

oooh Brian! may want to take that statement back!..."Obviously Jim is a woman."(unfair comparison..let alone, wrong thing to say).

& Col time in maximum security prison? say it ain't so.

ColScott said...

I spent some time in Joliet and much in Stateville- like I said not as a prisoner. It is something I will remember always.

LilMagil said...

Yes,Thanks Col, I do remember from previous postings (I should know better..)You might have wanted to qualified least for newbies..(got me..just the same).
Silly, 'Lil.

deadwoodhbo said...

brian you sound like this 'jim yes Col jump jim ,how high would you like me to jump Col.COL you are God"well that i am brian that i am.
I like the Cols posts and i like savage to.What a joke brian is LITERALLY!!!!! and Col :P:P:P to you too.

Brian Davis said...

Deadwood, I'm sorry you misunderstood my post.

Let me try to explain it in more simple terms for you.

The Col has been calling out this Savage nutjob for months at least.

I never jump on bandwagons just for the fun of it.

So, I began checking out the Savage blog to see for my self what the guiy was about and so forth.

I read the Savage's posts for a few weeks and finally posted on Savages blog my opinion after he started proclaiming "misson accomplished."

I never called him names or took unfounded shots at his personal life because I don't know him like that nor does he me.
Icommented striclty on what he had been posting over the weeks.

Then he commented back on me without really addressing my comments but more of taking shots at me personaaly and my personal like which is ignorant on his part because he does not know me or anything about me except what is on my profiles. Which are accurate.

So, after this happens, I certainly see what the Col has been saying for months.

So, the Col posts about Savage, I replied with my thoughts.

So, I ask you Deadwood, where is it that I show any of the "Jump Brian", "How high Col" crap you are talking about ???????

All I did was point out the difference's here on the Col's blogc compared to Savages DON'T have to agree with the Col or you can agree.
The Col doesnt' block you out because he does not like your opinion or because you disagree with him.

Also, Miss Deadwood, I find it rich that YOU of all people talk about someone acting like, "Jump how high Col". When it is actually YOU that is the big blog cheerleader here. Which is fine really, I could care less.

But, I could go back and pull up comments from you where ALL YOU COMMNETED was "Oh great post Col"
or "You Rock,Col".

That's it. That was your comment.

WTF ????

But when you call me out for being something that I'm not and in fact, you are, that is just sweet with contradiction.

So, maybe the "joke" is really yourself ?


Brian Davis said...

Lilmagil, your point is more than taken about my comment.

"Obviously Jim is a woman."

I retract that statement as I truly meant no offense to any of the women.


LilMagil said...

Thanks Brian! I knew what you meant it was just reading it that made me go; "Oh Hell No!" (the whole finger waving action involved too).
Yeah, Jim's blog is an interesting read. He writes well and I think he means well (for his own causes). It's the personal attacks from him and the bloggers which are over the top. He blames Col for attacks on him and calls us all sychophants..but yet..he was fine with you Brian (even visiting your own blog with kind messages) until you said something against him. Yes, you are correct, he didn't read your post thoroughly about Doris..YOU did say she wasn't physically at Leslie's parole hearings but would have if she could have! Oh well, no more burnings and pissings..what shall I do for entertainment now?

deadwoodhbo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brian Davis said...


Thanks for that comment !

I appreciate you taking the time to read through all of it and see it as it really is.

And I fairly checked out his blog and and I did find a few bits of intresting factual information over the past couple months.

But since Savage was making it a big deal that he was shutting it down, I felt compelled to write my overall opinion on what I had read and observed on his blog.

Savage obviously didn't like it so he cowardly locked his blog so he can post about you but you can not reply back.

Despite what it may appear, I really don't do blog or internet drama well, so I am going to go back to looking forward to the great factual, opinionated posts and comments.

deadwoodhbo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jm30 said...

Brian...keep fighting the good fight. We radio guys need to stick together!

I first started looking at "On Trial" about a month ago when I first believed it to be another outlet for interesting discussion on TLB. However, after a few visits, I began to see a tinge of OCB (obsessive/compulsive behavior) on behalf of the host. In addition, many (not all) of the regular contributors showed signs of mental instability.

It is obvious that Jim has developed an unhealthy attachment to at least two of the TLB perps. Poor Katie..why doesn't she ever get the guy? But I digress.

People like Jim and his "On Trial" buddies really bother me because they paint an unflattering stereotype of other TLB scholars. In entertainment-speak, they are the "groupies."

Brian Davis said...


I never said or doubted your relationship with Charles Manson.

Can you show me where ?

It is well documented on here that you know Charlie because you are in love with another convict that is either Manson's cellmate or yardmate or whatever. So good for you.

And again I never have questioned that.

But you called me out for ripping on Jim Savage and saying I was like some sort of Col cheerleader or puppet.

So, after I thought about it, with the exception of letting us know that you have a relationship with Charlie, I don't recall you ever posting anything of real substance or information or theory or anything EXCEPT for "You ROCK, COL" and "GREAT POST,COL".

So how can you post that and then call ME the puppet because I happen to agree with the Col(and others)on the subject of Jim Savage ?

You also wrote, "im not even on his visting list at corcoran and my sad sad life depends on what people like you say about me on the internet".

First of all, I never said you have a sad life, I know nothing about you other than you are in love with a convict that is Charlie's cellmate or something.

And that I got from you.

So, I have never commented on your life or you at all until today.

Deadwood also wrote, "yep im not smart at all i admit that but i got a heart filled with love for the old man who i dout would give you 1 second of his time ."

Hey if you think you are not smart then I guess you are not smart, but, I have never thought that about you.

The simple thing is Deadwood, we have different opinions on Savage and probably 100's of other things.

That doesn't make me or you or anyone else a joke or stupid or anything except different.

And everyday is a good day for me.

Nuff said'

Brian Davis said...


DEADWOOD wrote, "is that so davis i wonder where jempud went ?.The Col will kick people of here so it seems you didnt do your homework. How smart do you look now ?.Have a lovely weekend ."

Deadwood, it is my understand, and anyone correct me if I am wrong,
This "JEMPUD" got banned from The Col's blog because Jempud felt compelled to go into the administrative section of this blog and actually author a post or topic.

In my opinion, The Col was right.

I have yet nor do I know of the Col banning anyone over ANYTHING said in the comments section.

Again, someone prove me wrong and I will stand corrected.

Give it a rest Deadwood.

Your picking a fight with the wrong person, I am not your enemy.

We just have different opinions.

Brian Davis said...

JM30, Great post !

You laid it out nicely.

Damn near verbatim of what I've been trying to say.

Good to see another radio brother in the building !

deadwoodhbo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marliese said...

deadwoodhbo said...
brian davis said

AHD I QUOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Col doesnt' block you out because he does not like your opinion or because you disagree with him.MY REPLY!below
is that so davis i wonder where jempud went ?.The Col will kick people of here so it seems you didnt do your homework. How smart do you look now ?.Have a lovely weekend

How many times does it have to be explained? She's not here any longer because she took it upon herself to post a column in the blog as the owner while Col was away. Nothing to do with differing opinions. Totally inappropriate. It wasn't her blog.

It's been explained here and elsewhere a few times but people still grab onto her not being here any longer with the he'll kick you off if you disagree with him nonsense when really there hasn't been any evidence of that here. I think screwy facts are discouraged's about truth, not keeping the bullshit going. And people can talk here without being harassed, or made the topic of a hate blog.
I think you owe Brian an apology.

deadwoodhbo said...

Marliese I think you owe Brian an apology.

Dam havent you people got better things to im locked in a mental hospital for the insane so i have a excuse .Whats yours? cant you talk about the tate labianca murders or charlie anything but a mental case like me.
DROP THE SUBJECT its has boreing has hell .now back to my padded everyone.

Brian Davis said...


Hi ! and Thank you !

Brian Davis said...

Deadwood, no worries.

You get a pass.

deadwoodhbo said...

Dam i almost forgot thanks for the great post Col!

deadwoodhbo said...

brian i dont mean to be rude i talk before i think sorry for the bull

Brian Davis said...

Thanks Deadwood, no hard feelings and consider it buried.

deadwoodhbo said...

sorry Col i had to deleate the trash i wrote very boreing for other readers peace

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

All right, everyone, please take a deep breath and hug a tree. The poor tree will need it, after I'm finished beating my head against its trunk.

For the record:

Brian Davis really DOES work in radio, as a program director and disc jockey / talk show host. I have called him at work, talked to the nice receptionist of the communications company, who transferred me to the correct radio station's sound booth, where I spoke to Brian, when he owed Charles money from the bet (remember that?)

I can see why Brian got upset, for when he asked Savage Jim some hard questions, stated some unpopular opinions, then Jim's response was to personally attack him and not answer any of the questions, which I perceive as an obfuscation tactic.

At times when I've asked Jim some difficult questions, made some unsettling statements, he has ignored me, so maybe THIS will rattle his cage:

*****I have $400 worth of books, pamphlets, and other good information about the BPH, published by various law firms. I got this for FREE. Do you want this information? Are you REALLY interested in helping Leslie Van Houten at her next hearing, Jim, or are you just seeking attention, whining, and wanting sympathy? Send Leslie the darn stamps and the address, already. What could it hurt?*****

Go ahead and yell at me, Jim, call me names, kick me off your blog, but you bloody darn well KNOW that I'm right.

Said Jim: "The one thing that I have to admit about ColScott's blog is that its membership consists of nothing more than the very cockroaches of humanity. All of life's failed experiments."

Oh, thank you so very much, Jim.

If I had a quarter for every time I was "crucified", I would be a wealthy woman, including the time another inmate took a letter in which my dear one and I were arguing, and asked his ol' lady to post it online; right Deadwood?

THAT said, for the record:

DeadwoodHBO really IS involved with Charles's "neighbor" in the Protected Housing Unit of Corcoran State Prison. Charles actually introduced them. He and Frank R. are not currently housed together, because Charles is in solitary / segregated housing / the SHU. When they ARE housed together once again, Frank helps Charles read and answer his mail, and to process his legal papers, and lots of other things that an elderly man needs assistance with. Deadwood has written to Charles for a good 4 years.

And BTW, yes Frank got the new phone number yesterday.

Brian and JM 30: Stop responding to others' negativity by using insults, please. Challenging opinions and facts is perfectly acceptable. And yes, I can understand why you'd want to respond in kind when confronted by rudeness, but really, you needn't sink to that level. You guys thought it was ridiculous when it happened on "On Trial", didn't you? Yes, you both tried to be nice at first. Then you both got angry, and responded to personal attacks in kind. But enuff be enuff. All right?

I think it's admirable (and wise, from a legal standpoint) that Jim decided against a publicity stunt that could potentially be against the law, harmful, dangerous and hurtful to other people, including the victim's family and Leslie VH. You blast Jim for being mentally unstable, but then when he does something considerate and backs away from his threat, then you call him names? Knock it off, please! I know he said some horrid, rude and untrue things about you both, but please rise above that level, and give him some credit for making a positive decision.

The Colonel gets to make funny insulting remarks because it's his blog, and some may say, his mission in life. His duty to mankind. Hee hee.

Said JM 30: "...many (not all) of the regular contributors showed signs of mental instability.

People like Jim and his "On Trial" buddies really bother me because they paint an unflattering stereotype of other TLB scholars.

Gosh, I'm just gettin' nailed on from both sides, aren't I? "On Trial" is hilarious and fun, JM 30. The Manson Family Grocery List made me laugh so hard that iced tea came out of my nose. While the Official TLBM Blog has a very necessary purpose, and a more educational focus, it occasionally degenerates into silliness, too, sometimes. To imply that the TLB "scholars" are somehow more worthy and erudite than others is regrettable. We're all obsessing about a 40-year-old case. In all likelihood, NONE of us are going to make any impact on truth or justice, with the possible exception of the Colonel. (And Jim, if he ever gets off his butt and actually reads the BPH information, hint hint.)

That poor 'ol tree has dents in its bark, now. Won't somebody give it a hug?

jm30 said...

AC....You midunderstood my point regarding TLB scholars. Never did I (nor would I) assume that some TLB scholars are more worthy than others. I was merely voicing my frustration that people like Jim who claim that "when Susan dies, part of me will die too" make all of us look like nutjobs.

I accept your suggestion that I not stoop to Jim's level, and once he fades into oblivion later this month, that will be easier to do. I will try to take the high road more often.

Yes, AC, I am not so dense I cannot understand that much of what was said on "On Trial" was for comedic purposes. My main point was, and still is, that beneath all of that comedy, we still have the ramblings of a host that needs some serious mental health attention. I hope he gets it soon.

And not once did I ever point these insults in your direction. In the past, I may have said some rather unkind things about your positions on Charlie, ATWA, etc., but I am beyond my initial bewilderment and now can agree to disagree and be blog friends.

deadwoodhbo said...

ok i got to say it AC IS AWESOME! and trust me i have misjudged her many times and not been nice .A big public SORRY for being rude ac and thank you for being there when i needed you.

Brian Davis said...

Ace, I too accept your suggestion and will cease to lowering myself to Savage's level...

but I will continue to LAUGH MY ASS OFF when The Col does it !

Nicely written post and a personal "thank you" for just laying out the facts in regards to me.

Marliese said...

Brian Davis said...

Hi ! and Thank you !

Hi Brian,
No thanks necessary, but you're welcome anyway...

Heaven said...

Hey all, I hope you all had a funfilled Fourth!!

Brian, I almost had to smack ya on the "Obviously Jim is a woman." remark but I see Lilmagil beat me to it LOL.. Naughty boy! lol

I just wanted to say that I have known the Col for quite some time... I'd say 4.5 years anyway, maybe even longer..

I can honestly say that I have never seen the Col ever kick anyone out because he disagreed with them.. Jempud was removed for playing where she shouldn't have been playing..

Col is very much against censorship.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and stay outta the hot sun!! lol


Brian Davis said...

Hi Heaven ! (grins sheepishly)

Next time I'll proof read it for sure. :)

Heaven said...

LOL It's all good Brian, I forgive you. Plus I see you've learned the error of your ways... LOL

Hope everything is well with you...


Brian Davis said...

Heaven, Hi again ! Thanks ! Yes,
things feel right again, LOL Hope all is well in your world too !

I had to get things back in perspective and focus on why I'm here to begin with. Which got me wondering...

What are the odds that we will ever discover the truth of motive ofr Tate-LaBianca ?

I think it is fair to say that most people who are into the TLB/Manson Family case(s), myself included, believe there is a true motive still out there to be found out and Helter Skelter was not it.

With that being said, the possibilities of finding out the truth are as follows:

1- Forensic science could open things up a bit but unless it is independently done it probably won't ever be done because as far as the govenment is concerned, the case is closed. No need for forensics. What values would Forensics really be ? I really don't know much about it other than C.S.I. Maybe someone does ?

2- Witnesses could possibly come forward I guess from outside the "family". Maybe an associate of an associate of the "family" who happened to be around when something was said. Or someone not associated at all who might have seen something. Unlikely, but a possibility.

Again, I am just trying to deduce the number of possibilties that we may ever find out the truth.

3- One of the police officers or court officials speaks up and spills about any kind of cover up that may have went on. Such as any known "connected" boys that may have associated with any of the "Family" but never came out in court. Or perhaps something else that only those cops have known for all these years. I don't know how many are still alive though.

4- Anyone else OTHER THAN this White Rabbit character that may have been even on the fringes of the family could come forward with possible new light.

5- The former Family members themselves could talk. Either the imprisoned or the non-imprisoned.

And of those who is left ?

Susan Atkins - Time will tell if she knows any more or if she choose's to tell it.
Unfortunately, she may not be in condition to even know who she is at this point.

Leslie Van Houten - From what I have seen of her parole hearing, I get the sense she wants out real bad. So anything she may know she will take to the grave becasue if she spills anything at this point I think she feels it would hurt her parole chances forever. I may be wrong there. Just my belief.
And I don't think she really knows.

Pat Krenwinkle - In her parole hearing, I get the feeling she has accepted her fate and she expects to be in and maybe feels she should be in prison the rest of her life.
She may one day would like to tell us but I truly don't think she knows.

Charles Manson - fuh-getta-boutit !

Lynette Fromme - fuh-getta-boutit !

Catherine Share - wouldn't she already have spoken up as she has already done interviews claiming Manson beat her and such. Wouldn't she go ahead and talk if she knew something about the murders ?

So who COULD possibly fill us in on the true motive for TLB ?

I think Tex Watson,Nancy Pitman and maybe Linda Kasabian might be the only real hopes of ever finding out or even getting concretely close to knowing.

What are those odds ?

What about the others ?

Would a Diane Lake or Ruth Ann Moorehouse, or Cappy or Sandy Good,
Mary Brunner or any one of the others possibly know anything ?

Well those are the possibilites that I have come with. Anyone want to add or take away ?

Anyone ? Anyone ? Anyone ? Bueller ? Bueller ?

Brian Davis said...

Oh , I almost forgot, Clem could come forward I guess, he would certainly have nothing to lose now, would he ?

deadwoodhbo said...

Brian its all an act that - fuh-getta-boutit from charlie has i am sure you know .He is a wonderfull teacher in the fuh-getta-boutit i mean look at me his number one pupil:P

deadwoodhbo said...

AC did i post a letter from you to charlie on the internet???? i dont think i would do that if i did can you give me the link and i am 100% sure frank never ever stole mail from charles i know when charlie was in shu in the begining he showed frank some of your letters but i wouldnt post them online im just confused who your talking about :P:P:P.

If I had a quarter for every time I was "crucified", I would be a wealthy woman, including the time another inmate took a letter in which my dear one and I were arguing, and asked his ol' lady to post it online; right Deadwood?