Friday, June 06, 2008

The World Stops on Its Axis

I got an email from a former reader....


Just a short comment! After being called such colorful names ("uneducated Red State freak," "sow,"bitch," "welfare/food stamp receipient") back on 7/19/05 for stating that I thought Debra Tate's motives were less than honorable (and not so much about her sister Sharon's memory), I find it rich that now I suddenly take a look at your blog (at the urging of a California friend) and you've suddenly jumped off the "Debra bandwagon." What happened to "her sister was slain in one of the most awful ways I can think of and you say 'but' ??? And what about "we here at the only OFFICIAL Tate-LaBianca site wish Debra.......nothing but the best in their battle for truth." Sounds like you guys are wishing her LESS THAN THE BEST these days (which is fine and dandy by me).
Why the sudden turn, ColScott? Could it be that I was right all along? I don't expect that you would ever say "You know, Caryn, you were right and I was wrong and I certainly owe you an apology." That's something you would never do, but I really don't need it anyway.
Now, here's the part where you copy and paste this email into your blog and start with a whole new round of insults. Just for the record, though, you'll need to come up with something besides "Red State freak" (if you consider South Carolina a "red state") because I know reside in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. I wouldn't want you to be called "misinformed."

"Granny" Caryn

You know Caryn, you WERE right and I WAS wrong and I certainly owe you an apology.


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...


60skid said...

Col Scott,

That was very nice of you to give Caryn a apology.It shows you really care about the real turth in TLB.

LilMagil said...

While I did come in late in the day. I have read all the past posts thru and thru. I remember when Col defended Debra as a victim. New information came to light...and I saw the changing opinion(I can't quite pinpoint when that was, but I think there was an apology in there?). Truly excellent to apologise, nonetheless.
If Caryn had read right thru...the change would have been apparent & not a surprise. I personally, still stuck (regardless)it's still her Sister..

Brian Davis said...

Fuckin' A, Col Scott !
That was right on, Sir !

agnostic monk said...

I have always contended that The Col is open to and welcoming of opposing points of view (so long as the proponent doesn't mind ducking to avoid flying objects).

But wow. Next thing you know, he'll be saying that Linda K. with her cute little pigtailed pic in the post below was a screwball but maybe not as bad as he always thought!

(not bloody likely!) happy weekend to all.

: )

Marliese said...

That's respect you don't get from just anyone.

Heaven said...

I remember those days well....

I also remember Caryn.. She was very cool!

*waving hi to Caryn* Hope you're doing well girl!

Pristash said...

Please don't take this personally, Caryn, as it is not an insult directed at you, just an observation: whatever color state Florida might be, there sure are alot of freaks there as well.