Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not Getting It

There seems to be much discussion about the outing of Clem Grogan as Adam Gabriel, singer for the band Rythymtown-Jive.

Some people think Bret should not have done it. That Clem had paid for his crimes and that he had been paroled and that people have been opened up to danger.

Now let's point out why I disagree-

1- Before they purged all record of Adam Gabriel/ Steve Grogan from their myspace page and websites, they pointed out that they played gigs at children's camps. Anyone who knows the Col knows that he draws the line at children. Nellie the molester- fuck you. And others. Clem Grogan not only was convicted of exposing himself to children, Clem Grogan is seen on tape in the MANSON documentary doing insane shit to children. Then he murdered AT LEAST one other human being. The law may say that he is allowed to walk the streets free- but associate with children? I don't care what the law says, that is seriously messed up.

2- He may be out legally, but only because a judge commuted his sentence to life from death. If he had been given death it would have been much harder to release him.

3- He may be out legally, but not because he is a helluva guy- he is out because he agreed after over a decade to show where the body of the man he KILLED was buried in order TO get out.

4- He is guilty of two other murders and has never been tried.

----> Susan Atkins was convicted of 7 counts of murder, 2 counts being the LaBiancas. She was an accessory before the fact (driving there, planning) and after the fact (keeping it secret) which makes it a conspiracy. Even though she never entered the LaBianca house she is guilty of their murder.
----> Linda Kasabian was charged with 7 counts of murder, 2 counts being the LaBiancas. She was an accessory before the fact (driving there, planning) and after the fact (keeping it secret) which makes it a conspiracy. Even though she never entered the LaBianca house she is guilty of their murder. Her deal was such that the charges were vacated AFTER she testified at every freaking trial involved. For years. She was charged and was guilty- the charges were vacated.
----> Steve Grogan drove to the LaBiancas and planned JUST LIKE Atkins and Kasabian. He kept it secret which makes it a conpiracy. He for some reason was never charged and stayed out on the streets. Lucky man.
----> There is NO statute of limitations on murder. Conspiracy to commit murder is the same as murder under the law.
----> Ergo Steve could still be arrested for this shit TODAY if someone woke up. (Monkeyboy might want to argue selective prosecution and see if he can find someone who cares anymore.)

I'm sorry- this is not someone who deserves pity.


Pristash said...

Ok, so Grogan was convicted of the murder of Shorty Shea. Did the jury originally sentence him to death? Did the judge then reduce the sentence to life with the possibility of parole while making the comment that he was too stupid to deserve the death penalty? OR, was his death sentence thrown out asa result of the unconstitutionality of the California DP, just like the rest of the gang?

And are the conspiracy laws in Cali still the same as they were in 1969?

Marliese said...

Pristash, the jury voted the death penalty and the judge reduced it at the formal sentencing with the "too stupid and too hopped on drugs" comment.
So after hearing evidence and testimony, the jury believed the crimes worthy of the death penalty.

On another note, the facts that Bret presented haven't been disputed and are not libelous, so why do some believe he must disclose his sources, or that he enticed the source to reveal this information? Unless compelled by subpoena, he has no legal obligation to reveal his sources, does he?

Thanks for posting and pulling it all together, Col.

Jean Harlow said...

why do you think that Grogan was never charged with the LaBianca murders, Col? Lack of evidence?

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Dear Colonel, I wonder if you would feel the same way about this matter if it had been Mr. BeauSoleil who was released from custody, secured anonymity, scored a good job, and was thusly outed?

And please don't attempt to differentiate between his acts of sexual conduct, and Mr. Gabriel's -- Ms. Moorehouse was HOW old?

ColScott said...

I do not deal in coulda woulda shoulda.
I also think Bobby will capitalize on his reputation not hide.

Anonymous said...

OK, Col....I take responsibility for beginning the discussion of how this is just plain wrong to "out" Mr. Grogan.

I also know that it is not a popular position to take in defending Mr. Gabriel. That's why I did it with reservation...seeking input from other posters here.

If he were a fugitive dating back to 1969, I would have a whole different opinion. But, as they say, we reap what we sow, so Mr. Gabriel will have to deal with it.

ColScott said...

I am not saying you are wrong. It seems to me subjective. I have no problem with it but SEE your problem and even respect it.
MY issues come from the fact that this is NOT someone who respected human life at all from 1968 through 1970. So it is hard to respect his.