Monday, June 16, 2008

Pants on Fire

Bret points out that Debra is a big fat liar.

Give a hoot? Don't slash throats!

(anyone hear Jim from NY squawking in the background in his cave? Leslie! Leslie! Squawk!)


deadwoodhbo said...

Thank you for the post Col.

Anonymous said...

I just made a personal observation and decision. After giving On Trial a "trial" run by observing and posting, I have decided that I will no longer visit there. In fact, I am deleting the site from my bookmarks.

It is apparent that Jim is not sane. People can post at any hour of the day, and he's there with a response within minutes. Does he have a life? What did he do before the internet came to being?

His infatuation with these murderous women is creepy.

I am a student of TLB like anybody else here, but the around-the-clock creep show at On Trial is too much for me.

I'm ready for some serious analysis once again.

Skyhook said...

jmm30 said "I will no longer visit there. ... It is apparent that Jim is not sane. People can post at any hour of the day, and he's there with a response within minutes. Does he have a life? What did he do before the internet came to being?"

I've never seen his site but I won't avoid it simply because it is said that:

1. It's not clear that he has "a life"
2. He responds promptly to posts at any time of the day.
3. He has an odd infatuation with convicted murderers.
4. It is difficult to imagine what he'd do if his computer broke!

What I want to know is whether he is interested in 'the truth' of this case and whether he has any worthwhile insights or analysis.

FrankM said...


Not sure what it is to be sane, but I agree that Jim/Savage is probably obsessed by this case and that his behavior is far from rational.

That said, I would in certain measure extend the same compassion and understanding for someone who is clearly not well (the compassion he would like to show for Susan and Leslie) to Jim himself. As far as I know he has committed no crime and if he is in need of help (my diagnosis) then all we can do is urge him to seek it.

As for his compassion for Susan and Leslie and the recent diatribes against poor Sharon Tate I would simply dismiss these as the outpourings of an unsound mind. What else to say?

And disassociate myself wholly from them ..


Anonymous said...

Frank and Skyhook: Touche. Points taken.

OK, so I may have been a little rough. Let me just say that there seems to be a repetitive obsessive/compulsive trait to his blog.

It's just too weird for me. But then again, I would probably be called weird for devoting interest to a 39 year old case.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Aren't we all a tad skoatch "obsessed" with this case, JM30?

I like blogs about horses, ice skating, American Idol, the environment and Manson. Others may like blogs about cooking, golf, or ballet. Does that make them obsessed with these subjects?

For me, I work on my computer day and night, and whenever I get "stuck" or bored, I'll go look at blogs and websites, respond to comments, and write e-mails. Maybe Jim does the same; I think he is a software designer. By American standards, he is successful. Meaning, wealthy.

Marliese said...

Jm, don't be hard on yourself. You're entitled to your opinion like anyone else.

Interesting...just read that the Director of Prisons for the State of California is recommending that Susan Atkins' CR petition be denied. Her opinion is 'advisory' but still...

Anonymous said...

I too was stunned by the Debra comments. She clearly knows better than anyone what happened to her sister.
Then I realized (of course)she's counting on the general public not knowing all the facts therefore mounting a case against the compassionate release for Susan.
Bet it works too!
Really, I think, the reporter should know all the facts and call her on it. Do their homework first. Of course now, Debra's new account of events is "out there" and likely to be believed.
I don't care either way at this point if Susan is released or not. It's the bullshit info out there that urks me.

Marliese said...

I'd have liked someone to ask Whitehouse how he came up with the "millions and millions of dollars" figure that compassionate release for Susan will save the State of California.
Some lie and they all exaggerate.