Thursday, April 24, 2008

The People Behind the Movie THE MANSON GIRLS

Producer: Brad Wyman

He is the guy who is trying to get Lindsay Lohan insured. The guy with the bad hairdo.

The WRITER and DIRECTOR of this crappy film is
He is the bozo in the hat and earphones.

If you wish to contact them, like one blog member did, this is the best way.

But what you really want is more script commentary? How about the lame writer trying to make Brenda all sympathetic?



Brenda sits looking out at the ocean.

I hadn’t taken a drug in nearly a year and so I
was finally able to feel something for all those
people who’d been killed…


Brenda sits alone eating dinner across from her little brother in silence..
And when I heard what my friends had done to
the LaBiancas and how they’d posed the bodies
and carved “pig” on Mr. LaBianca’s stomach and
left this barbecue fork stuck in his body, I felt kind
of sick… And deep down, I knew their lives were



Brenda drives through the city listening to the radio.

Yes, caller number four… What do you think
about what pundits are calling the, “Trial of
the Century”?

I think they should dispense with this trial and
execute them… Anyone can see they’re guilty…

Brenda turns off the radio. It’s just too depressing.

I don’t know what made me drive downtown to
where the trial was being held… I guess I just
needed to be there


Brenda walks down the sidewalk where a bunch of NEWS VANS covering the Manson Trial are parked.

ANOTHER ANGLE – Squeaky, Sandra Goode and Gypsy sit on the sidewalk looking incredibly cheerful and surrounded by ONLOOKERS.

Oh, my God! You’re out! You’re out!

Squeaky leaps to her feet, then runs up and embraces Brenda for a long moment as Sandra and Gypsy rush up to hug her too.

Oh, my God! Where are you living?!
At my parent’s place, in Malibu.

Well, not anymore, you’re not!

No, Squeaky, listen... I have to stay in Malibu…
My bail was contingent on my being in the
custody of my parents… I can’t go anywhere…

Oh, bullshit… I rented a house a half a mile from
here and there’s plenty of room... Now come on…
We’ll go there now... I need to talk to you…


Brenda sits at the kitchen table snorting lines of crystal with Squeaky.

So right after the big bust in the desert, Dede’s
parents packed her off to Paris to be a model.

You know they weren’t gonna let her stick
around for this circus.

Yeah, and I wish her well… I really do… But she
was just a tourist… She was never really part of us...
Jeez, toward the end there, I don’t think I saw her
more than once or twice...
You know, Clem and Danny got indicted yesterday…

For what?

I keep forgetting you’ve been in jail all this time.
The day after you got busted, about a week before
the big move to Death Valley… We all got together
and killed Shorty.

Oh, my God.

Hey, you knew it was going to happen sooner or

Yeah, he was a pain in the ass all right.

It took a really long time too… First they started
on his feet and then they worked their way up to
his head. Just cutting and cutting... Fuck, it was
so intense...

That’s enough… I don’t want to hear anymore.

Then they hoisted him up by his feet and


Sorry... Sorry...

How’d they get caught?

How do you think?

Sadie, of course.

Of course it was Sadie... I’m lucky I’m not in
jail too.

Charlie was crazy to have Sadie do all that stuff.

Yeah, well... He’s only human...
Hey, wait’ll you meet the guys.

What guys?

Some guys Charlie hooked up with, for protection
from the blacks... Who, as you can imagine, are
pretty pissed off at him.
They’re calling themselves, “The Aryan
Brotherhood.” Anyway, two of ‘em staying here…
Wait’ll you meet ‘em… They’re so damn cute…

Listen, Squeaky... I have a curfew now... And I
really need to be getting back... It’s a long drive
to Malibu.

Squeaky gets a hard expression.

God, Brenda... I don’t even know you anymore.

Yeah, well... I don’t even know myself anymore.

Look, you’re Brenda McCann and you’re one of
us. And right now, Charlie and three of our sisters
are on trial for their lives not half a mile from
here and you want to go back to Malibu? What
the hell’s in Malibu?

Squeaky was right... There wasn’t anything in
Malibu to replace what I’d lost... So I risked
everything and broke the terms of my bail and
moved back in with Squeaky... And I didn’t care
if I went to jail for a thousand years... I just wanted
to belong again...


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Thank you for the producer's and writer's e-mail addresses, Colonel Scott! They have been passed along to the appropriate individual, hahaha! I will be certain to let you in on all the ensuing fun and excitement! :-)

ColScott said...

please please do

FrankM said...

“public opinion … is the reason that none of the convicted Family have been freed”

Debra Tate is doing the work that needs to be done to ensure that there are no paroles

I have so much difficulty with this … with Debra Tate trying to mold public opinion (influencing so many people who have no idea in hell what happened, or who did what, and are apparently unable to think for themselves).

Trying to impose justice through public opinion is like teaching high school students knowledge through consensus (and, yes, Wikipedia has a lot to answer for).


I used to read, but it's easier to make up stuff.

augusteigth1969 said...
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Anonymous said...
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augusteigth1969 said...
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FrankM said...


you'll have to run with it - only the Col can decide whether he wants this …

… but I agree it's likely to drive folks away from what has been a good blog

For the time being, come skip with me


Anonymous said...

OMG.. went over to take a peak at that "other site"..I haven't laughed that hard in a loooong time. gotta go see...Fricken Hilarious...The best yet...

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

What other site, Lil? Like, an ***address*** would be extremely helpful. Thank you in advance.


Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, letters about this wretched movie are currently making their way to the appropriate people, including copies of the dreadful script. Thank you, Colonel, for providing the very amsuing reading material. The horse is in their barn now, and whether or not they choose to ride, still remains to be seen. I'm just the humble messenger girl. Henceforth, to be known as Ace.


I respectfully and humbly disagree that "public opinion... is the reason that none of the convicted Family have been freed". No, the reason that none of them have been released or paroled is because they can not afford a competent legal defense. Well, some things are about to change. x:-)


And now, since I'm so very popular anyway, may I hereby endeavor to make myself moreso? Because I truly do feel bad for Ms. Debra Tate. No, really.

As you may realize, I am the last person on the planet that should be defending Debra and her cause, but consider this...

Debra's precious sister was horribly murdered. That does something to the psyche, right there. But Debra is also a card-carrying member of The Establishment, indoctrinated since birth to have confidence in truth, justice, and the sanctity of middle-class Amerika.

So poor Debra can choose to believe the nice man wearing the suit and tie, with all the power of the crimnal justice system backing him, who assures her that her loved one was the victim of a pack of homocidal maniacs who perpetrated a random crime;


Debra can choose to accept that her dear sister was involved with drug dealers, was having an affair outside of her monogamous marriage, was using cocaine and amphetamines while she was pregnant, had allowed her sleazy friend who owed some organized crime thugs large quantites of money to sell illegal drugs out of her house, and therefore she became a murder victim.

That's an awful bitter pill for a nice mainstream girl to swallow, don'tcha think? So please cut Debra Tate some slack. She's deeply in denial, and she needs an outlet for her grief. The parole hearings are a focus for her.

That doesn't mean that I'm not going to fight her tooth and nail for Mr. Manson's release, and that doesn't preclude our overwhelming victory, and our ensuing raucous celebration of the triumph of justice, but in the meantime, I still feel terribly bad for her.

starship said...

Ok, AC, you make some good points...but please tell me how you know Sharon Tate used drugs while pregnant...and who owed what organized crime people money...and any connections to Leno LaBianca?

60skid said...

Debra can choose to accept that her dear sister was involved with drug dealers, was having an affair outside of her monogamous marriage, was using cocaine and amphetamines while she was pregnant, had allowed her sleazy friend who owed some organized crime thugs large quantites of money to sell illegal drugs out of her house, and therefore she became a murder victim.

I take big offence to your above statements

Are you saying Sharon deserved to be murdered ?

Her autopsy report showed no drugs broze nothing.
I have seen the last day photos ..Sharon looked very well to me.
Baby Paul's autopsy report showed he was a normal healthy baby .
What did Baby Paul do to deserve to become a murder victim ?

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Did I say anyone deserved to be harmed? People who smoke tobacco cigarettes don't deserve lung cancer, but it happens. People who drive a bike without a lid don't deserve brain damage, but it happens. People who hang out with thugs and live The Life don't deserve to get executed, but it happens. Calculated risk. And often, the relatives go into denial when it *does* happen.

I'm told there were drugs in the Polanski house and the car (in fact it's mentioned within this blog, please go back and check previous posts) and that tox reports weren't performed in a timely manner.

Anonymous said...


Amerika, as you so quaintly call it, bent over backwards giving this sorryass crew of sociopathic freaks access to due process during these trials. If you understand conspiracy law at all, Charlie is guilty as hell of multiple counts of conspiracy to commit murder by his own admissions. The fact that he does not accept the theory of conspiracy law (he maintains he never actually killed anyone) is irrelevant: according to the law he is as guilty as if he did the shooting, stabbing and slashing himself.

According to your theory of "Thug Life", criminals will occasionally execute on a whim whoever comes into their sandbox according to their own (arbitrary) set of rules. The flip side of that is society will from time to time try those people in a public court of law and then throw them in jail for life. It usually does so after some reasonable effort is made to ascertain the facts.

Charlie and all of the others, by virtue of being US citizens, got due process. Sharon and the others got hacked to death. And yet, some people (like you) complain that Charlie et al. got somehow treated unfairly and you imply that the victims got what was coming to them.

The biggest problem the defense team had back in 1970 was the fact that all of the defendants were guilty as hell, and acted like depraved lunatics during the trial.

Their biggest barriers to freedom via parole/lawsuits/pardons now are the fact that they are guilty as hell and acted like depraved lunatics during the trial.