Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oh My God, I say Something Nice about Orca Tate!

Orca has written a book.  Well, published it.  She did so while I was on sabbatical, fighting crime in the Netherlands.

This will be the Col's attempt at a review.  Since I am a defrocked priest and a disbarred attorney I feel it is necessary to try to be a good journalist even though journalism died with the birth of the internet.  Therefore I reveal that I personally think that Debra Tate is a horrible human being who was disowned by her family before they died and that she is holding her dad's ashes hostage from a proper burial out of spite. 

Thank you.  Now on to the review.  We shall divide it up to three parts.  Good, Bad and By the way.


- There are photos in here I have never seen and they are lovely
- It does seem that Orca or someone actually cleared the photos contrary to my expectations or the book wouldn't come out
- A lot of people say a lot of nice things about Sharon
- It is well put together.  It feels and looks like a coffee table book should
- Sharon was a beautiful lady


- Debra pretends that her sister Patti and her family almost doesn't exist
- Essays that should take up an eighth of a page are in this giant font and take up two pages
- Most of the nice things people say are not new unless somehow Postman Orca talks to the dead, something she might believe when she talks to PJ Tate's Urn every night
- A lot of credit for God knows what is given to Debra's X-Men Villian Daughter Arieana who looks like this---

I continue to feel bad for people who hate themselves so much they try to alter every inch of their body.


- The book loots a lot of the "Tate Family Photo Album".  But as a confused lawyer from Torrance I can see a lawsuit if someone wants to file.  The copyright to the photos belong under the law to whomever took them, unless they signed them away.  That would be in 99% of the cases Paul Tate or Doris.  Doris died and left her estate including copyright to Paul.  Paul died and left his estate to the grandkids.  So unless Orca and lawyers got Brie etc. to sign shit, this is a Bozo no no.   Although probably no one will sue since the book isn't selling. I missed Debra signing the book with a sex offender pal of hers at Book Soup on Sunset because I was working for a living or I could have asked her myself.

- The author photo was taken by someone using a Tardis that travels back decades. Or photoshopped.


Well worth buying in six months from the remainder bin for $7.99.


Anonymous said...

Col Scott,

Greetings from Scotland. It is a total joy to see you back blogging once more. As you are a devoted scholar of the TLB case,we all look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Sincere best wishes on the personal front - I take it you have faced some tough challenges in recent years.

Slanj (Scottish word for 'health')

Ajerseydevil said...

Hello Col. Great to have you back wanted to send a big thanks for publishing Paul Watkins's book back in summer of 06 Also have to give a shout out to Manson family blog for the heads up on this

123 said...

I think I will wait the 6 months.
It looks like that girl is A KISS fan.(Just sayin')