Monday, January 07, 2013

St. StuffandNonsense

There seems to be a witch hunt a brewing over at evilliz.  Unknown user Austin Ann has posted a supposed report from Bobby Beausoleil's jail file that implies that Bobby and his now deceased wife were running not only a child pornography ring but were also helping pedophiles connect with one another, almost like online ordering, in the years before the internet.

I am doing some first hand research into this.  My guess is IF this were true everyone would have been crying it from the treetops for decades.  But who knows, I could be wrong.

Sequiera is better than Stephen Kay, he who pronounced Steven Hodel's piece of shit book the final word on the Dahlia.  But he has a job which is to keep these people locked up.  It is a stupid job since they aren't getting out, but he does it well.

The fact that no previous DA brought it up tends to make one think it isn't factual.  Because they couldn't have helped themselves.

Somehow, this assertion by Ann makes St. Circumstance feel vindicated.  Because he needs some validation in his life.

IF this is true then Bobby should be held up as a child perverter and never get out.

But I am not going to weigh in until someone proved something.  Because in America, people are innocent until proven otherwise, no matter what human bags of insecurity striving for Sainthood say!


Leigh said...

I look forward to the results of your firsthand research, Col.

I strongly dislike Bobby and virtually every known facet of his character, but I suspect you are correct and that this isn't as big a deal as it may first seem. It's certainly relevant to discuss, but you hit the nail on the head: it's doubtful these allegations, if true, would go mostly unmentioned in subsequent parole hearings. Lots of people would have been making an Earth-shattering amount of noise about them for years if that noise had been justified.

And the fact that there probably (hopefully) isn't a lot to this is a good thing. I don't want Bobby and Barbara to have been child perverts. Bobby's present deficits of character are substantial enough to invite limitless derision without having to involve innocent children.

ColScott said...

I also don't think BUG would have left this out of the 25th Anniversary update of his fairy tale...

Anonymous said...

I dont feel vindicated because I have read many things which tell me the Beausoleils were not child molesters. I never once said they were.

I said that their interests were
' different"

I do think the art confirms that.

please make sure you dont misquote me or misrepresent my ideas when trying to embarrass me..

If your so right about me- my own words should be enough to use- you dont need to change them

Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

And by the way - you have managed to turn the whole thing around very nicely to the point where if Bobby was not molesting children- you become right...

I dont think Ann ever said that either. She said here is a report I found and then someone else said here are the pics they were talking about...

neither of us said a word about them in that regard

but you are quick to get defensive that these pics represent something criminal...

I dont think either one of us said that- you are the one who keeps implying it :)

you have made into a situation where if they weren't hurting children then this is a non issue and they are being picked at for nothing. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. nobody said he committed a crime- jsut a demonstration of poor taste for a guy who is trying to get something from a government obviously ( from the hearing transcripts) not really very sympathetic to him.

By the way I am not mad at you anymore so unless you wish to bar me for being uneducated, butt hurt or inbred or whatever esle- I am going to stick around to make sure both sides get represented fairly..

or until my ass heals :)

ColScott said...

St said

"you have made into a situation where if they weren't hurting children then this is a non issue and they are being picked at for nothing"

That is the FACT. I have made no situation. IF they were then that's bad. IF they were not they are being picked on for nothing.

Also please learn how to use "You're" . You're driving people crazy.