Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Girl Who Played With Feces

So we want more evidence of the sickness of Robin Olsen?
One year after the death of his daughter Patti, Paul Tate receives this deranged hard to follow letter from Robin.

It basically says two things-
"I was Patti's bff, her bestie, her #1, I swear!!!!"

"An evil lesbian has tried to steal your grandchildren."

The level of sheer homophobia in this is so pathetic. These need to be shared with people that employ Olsen, if anyone is dumb enough. They need to see just how withered her soul is.

Oh yeah, Col Tate threw this out.


Anonymous said...

Is Robin Olsen really any more far out than Chris Simmons or that other chick named Paige who was alleged to be one of Debra Tate's minions?

Everybody seems to bring a little something interesting to the dance these days.

With Chris Simmons, you can purchase Sharon Tate teddy bears, coffee mugs, T-shirts, License plate covers and even make donations towards the infamous Star fund. I'm the sure the IRS would love to know what ever happened to all that money that was collected from the fan base

As for the "Lesbian" thing, I have nothing against a woman who can snare some hot chick that most guys would kill for. In hollywood, whatever floats your boat is the the theme so I have no knock on Lisa Statman in that regard. Patti Tate was a prize that most guys could only dream of.

The nudie picture should be taken down though. I don't think we want any of our younger readers here to oogle over anything that google might consider inappropriate.

Robin Olsen, love her or hate her, is no more off the charts than Rosie Tate Polanski.

I can't keep up with the soap opera that has become what's left of HTLB.

Everyone has a book they want to sell or they're looking for their own 5 minutes of fame. It's always the same thing with these characters. Nothing ever changes.

Like Water off a ducks back .....

Hope your recovery is going well and focus on what's important in life.

Robin Olsen is the one who has to look Robin Olsen in the mirror each day.

As for her Tattoo's, i think they're awesome. Can't knock a chick whose into tatoos.

Anyway, feel better and take care of yourself. Be well.

Panamint Patty said...

So really, is that Robin's butt? Patty thought she'd be older and wrinklier. Patty also wishes her butt looked as good as this one does...

Anonymous said...

one word pope, Im not sure kids should be looking on a blog about murderers and victims to begin with, but if they are, I should say it is better for them to see a cute naked butt, than a crime scene photo. Hopefully they will see plenty of real life cute butts in their lifetimes, and no crime scene and autopsy photos.