Friday, November 05, 2010

Script Review- THE FAMILY- Part 4

And we're back....
Page 31 more voiceover and we meet Tex
and ON PAGE 32 via a newsreel we meet Sharon and Roman.

Half an hour in but the fucking buttlick director gives interviews saying he wants us to meet the victims and get to know them! After one minute of NEWSREEL we go to Wilson's house.

Page 34 has Charlie babbling about black people to Tex.
Gregg gets introduced and then they record an album. (More voiceover!)

Then off to Cielo where they play the record and he doesn't groove.
Snake says Charlie thinks they could be like the Partridge Family EXCEPT THEY DON'T EXIST YET FOR ANOTHER THREE YEARS. What fucking lazy writing.

Kitty and Gypsy get introduced. Sigh.

Everybody gets on the bus. LSD tripping. Charlie forces Snake OFF The bus in the middle of nowhere. And then lets her back on. Being mean to Snake? So?

Page 42 she is back on and we move on....

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