Thursday, November 04, 2010

Script Review- THE FAMILY- Part 3

And we are back

Page 22 the cops bust them all for being nekkid and shit.
Page 23 Snake says that she has that name because that's how she fucks, but man, she makes it a joke which it wasn't.
Yet another montage series of the Family being harassed by the Law Man in every state. They settle in Joshua Tree. Charlie and Snake make love in the desert and the movie becomes kiddie porn.
Then Charlie sings Ceast To Exist. Snake bores us with a ton more voiceover introducing Bobby. And Gary. Who remains a mescaline dealer in the script. Then she has us meet Watkins, Davis, and Dennis.

Now get this- as the girls raid Dennis' closet they find a drawer of sex toys and Squeaky exclaims.


This is what the script actually says. GAG.

Page 30 ends with Charlie saying that he loves Snake, and so does this entry. I feel unwell.

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jill said...

Thank you for these script reviews : )