Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Steve Grogan Murdered Shorty Shea and is Now Adam Gabriel, Band Member of Rhythmtown Jive

Finding that C and D letter from the silly lawyer got the Col pissed off all over again. She seems to think that after being a part of the most notorious murders of the last fifty years, Steve Grogan has some sort of entitlement to privacy upon release. Of course, as a failed lawyer myself I laugh at this woman. I especially love the bit where she says he has stayed out of the public eye. I mean WTF he is part of a band and his videos and pictures were all over their website. If that isn't the public eye what is?

Clem has a right to stfu. He has a right to a earn a living and raise a family. Hell, he has a LOT more rights than Donald Shea has at the moment. If he told his bandmates who he was and they accepted him anyway, then fine. If he didn't, that's his concern not ours.

But there is no presumed right to privacy for released murderers. And when he finally dies, Steve will be known as a Manson Family killer. If he is known at all.

So I am sorry Kyndra Miller, she who doesn't have a secretary answering her calls. Threaten me, threaten the missing Bret.

But Grogan is who he is and that's too bad for all of us. Really.


Matt said...

"Wireless law firm" ???

ColScott said...

yeah. priceless

andy said...

you're being too cryptic. Who's this grogan guy and what did he do?

ColScott said...

wrong blog andy

jm30 said...

Isn't he "former" band member?

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Ever seen this?


No, this isn't something I'm selling, merely found it online.

ColScott said...

just bought it

Marliese said...

Is this a collection of Ed Sanders' reports for the L.A. Free Press?

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Don't think so. Some underground magazine of the times. Cuz they weren't selling adverts, they might be a bit more honest.

ColScott said...

Marliese is correct.

Email me privately and it's anyone's for fucking free.

We'll be discussing it here on the ONLY Official Tate LaBianca Blog

KMalley said...


Get your facts straight.
You are a stupid & ignorant Bitch.
Stop talking out of your
ass. Obviously you don't know
shit when discussing the facts
of the case.

grimtraveller said...

What did she say ? What did she say ?