Monday, August 03, 2009

Questions for the Bug

So this radio station is interviewing Bug. Click here.
It will probably be the same old shit. In the remote chance they have testes, we have sent in these questions to be asked.

1- Why do you still put forward your theory of Helter Skelter as the main motive for the killings? Your predecessor Aaron Stovitz has publicly called it bullshit, the killers themselves have dismissed it yet you persist in this fairy tale. Why?

2- Do you still worry that Herbert Weisel might be the father of your eldest son?

3- Why is it that after 40 years you still show up on almost any program involving Manson? Is this your primary legacy?

4- Whatever happened to Virginia Cardwell, the mistress that you beat up when she lied to you about getting an abortion in 1973


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Of course, I wanna ask him about offering Charles 18 months if he would rat out the person that really ordered the murders. It would be worth buying him a cup of coffee to hear the answer.

Anonymous said...

As to point one:

Aaron Stovitz supported the "Free Bobby" or copycat theory, which is fairly easy to attack.

The only similarity between the Hinman murders and the others was that there was blood writing on the wall, and there are quite a few differences. Why not write "Political Piggy" on the door at Cielo instead of just "Pig"?, Why not be somewhat prepared to replicate some other specific aspect of the Hinman crime if this was the mission? For instance, lay the bodies in the bed as Hinman was found, etc.

Not to mention the fact that BB was caught with the murder weapon while driving the deceased's vehicle. How do you convince a jury that any of the defendants would have seriously believed that they could spring Bobby by going on a murder spree. At the most, the cops would have thought they had more suspects on the loose, not the wrong suspect.

No one could or did testify as to the veracity of the "Free Bobby" motive, whereas several could and did for the Helter Skelter motive.

If Aaron Stovitz was the lead prosecutor during the trial and presented the copycat motive, I think the defense would have ripped him a new one.

As to the other points:

VB might be the biggest scumbag walking the earth but he convinced a jury of the guilt of the defendants in open court using his theory of the motive as one element of his case. No other proposed theory has survived this test.

He may be a self serving asshole pitifully exploiting these murders for financial gain and a love of the limelight. None of this gives us any insight into the "truth" behind these murders. Bugliosi's character is basically irrelevant, unless you are arguing that he cheated to win. That's the implied argument, isn't it?

The facts speak for themselves. "Healter Skelter" was written at the Labianca residence, along with "War". Pat Krenwinkle has said she viewed herself as a soldier. In the war to Free Bobby? I doubt it.

All of the defendants are guilty of the crimes they were charged with, and "Helter Skelter" still lives, perhaps not as Manson's personal motivation, but as the ideology behind what were ultimately acts of terror.