Thursday, December 18, 2008

Debra the Whale Flips Again

If you believe the evil Mark Turner whose site seldom gets updated anymore (and most of which is now inferior to the Bret site) Debra JUST found out that Bobby was having a parole hearing in a few days. Of course, Bret's site reported this weeks ago. It seems she wants the public, or at least some internet dicks, to write emails in a hurry saying he shouldn't be let go.

I mean what the fuck man?! Did Bobby do something to Sharon Tate that I missed? He was in a jail when TLB happened. Where does she get off stating this? Bitch was disinherited by her family and disowned because she was a lying psycho. She still refuses to bury her father's ashes as per his wishes. I think she takes them out and talks to them or some shit. From what I hear, Dad never forgave her when he learned she used to run around naked at the age of 16 with ~~~~, the drug dealing ~~~ in her sister's ~~~~. Is that why she was disowned? Why do Patti's kids never converse with their own Aunt? Doris and Patti never interfered in the parole hearings of people that didn't attack them. I used to goad crazy Jimmy about Leslie, but if one takes TLB as one event, well then Leslie was part of TLB. She just was. Bobby wasn't.

Now I'm not deluded. I wrote a letter of support for Bobby once. I like the guy. But I think he's probably screwed as a "Mansonite". I hope he gets out. But it isn't likely. So what is with this Debra shit anyway? More attention whoring?

Let me clarify some of this rant for a second. She can do whatever she wants. But I ask why? Why not focus on the right people? You lose the moral high ground when you attack EVERYONE. Not that she ever had any high ground to begin with.

I would be thrilled if Bobby got paroled. But there's zero chance. Go ahead Mark, write your letter.

What could it possibly say anyway? "Hi I run a site called If Bobby Beausoleil gets out he might come after me for some of the shit I wrote about him. Please keep him locked up. I am 1/3547th Hinman by marriage. Thank you." I mean sheeeit!

[just in case anyone cares, the preceding is my constitutionally protected fucking opinion. Maybe everything above is just bullshit. Take it seriously. Or not. But ever since Adam Gabriel's lawyer-by-night threatened to sue me for the truth back in June, I gots to be careful. People can't read very well.]


Flora said...

I'm not sure why they would notify her since she is not related to Gary Hinman as far as I know. I also thought it was weird that she just found out. If she really cared she would have known at least a few months ago. We all did. I guess that's one point I didn't like about the whole thing. It reeks of laziness and disorganization. If she is truly concerned, then she would've kept better track of when he was scheduled to be due for his next hearing, and researched it.

Brian Davis said...

Col, In my opinion, the reason why Debra does this is because she, like her mother and sister before her, puts all the Manson family related murders under one umbrella.

Right or wrong, I just think that is what she does.

And quite frankly, while Debra does not have the right to attend the parole hearings of those not connected to her sisters death, I do believe Debra or anyone has the right to express their desire not to have 1st degree murderers free.

And what does Debra's past or current lifestyle have to do with anything ? She is still essentially a victim.

According to Manson himself, Bobby Beausoleil murdered Hinman because Hinman said he was going to go after Manson for that whole ear slicing incident and Bobby said something along the lines of, "No, you gave your word as your bond as your bond as your life" but Hinman proceeded and Bobby killed him.

Manson also said Hinman was killed because he was a "snitch" and working both sides.

I'm assuming Bobby felt that since Manson came over there to help him out of that situation, Bobby felt he owed it to Manson when Hinman started threatening.

Bobby then went back to the ranch and bragged about it.

I don't mean any disrespect Col, because I love your blog and being a part of it. And I certainly hold you in high regard when it comes to being an expert on these murders and thing or people associated with them.
So, I hope you don't ban me for what I am about to say, but, I find your opinion on Bobby B somewhat hypocritical in comparison to your opinions of the other former members in prison.

My opinion is NONE of them ever deserve to get out.

On another note, what are the details in regards to Adam Gabrielle's attorney contacting you ? I must hve missed that post.
Is it searchable here on the blog ?

As always thank you Col, you're still the Man!(son)

Brian Davis said...

And just for the record, I will NOT be writing any letters in protest to Bobby B.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

The state is only obligated to notify the victims & families about any parole hearings. Members of the public can make comments, write letters of support or detraction for the inmate, but that's all. I would guess that Ms. Tate is upset because her power is being limited. But hey, that's the law.

The ironic thing about this is that Mr. BeauSoleil hasn't been "A Mansonite" in years, if he ever was. He doesn't pose any threat to society.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

BTW thank you Flora for the "scoop"! Great work!

Flora said...

My pleasure, AC! Thank you for the complement. I enjoy your blog as well.

agnostic monk said...

I noticed that the request for letters didn't specify whether they had to support continued incarceration or not (I read it quickly so maybe I'm wrong). I can't help but wonder if "free bobby" letters would make it to the destination along with the "don't free bobby" letters. maybe I will perform a little letter-writing experiment.

I feel for the guy seeing as though it's just the manson name that keeps him locked up. I might feel differently if GH was my brother but he'd be of far better service to society on the outside, making music and art, mentoring kids.

It's kind of ironic how he is always linked to TLB but couldn't have been less personally involved (tucked away behind bars when that Ford left Spahn).

Anonymous said...

What is Adam Gabriel doing these days? Anybody know the latest?

ColScott said...

Brian no one gets banned for disagreeing. The only banning I recall was when jempud tried to take control of the blog.

Follow your own reasoning-

Debra has nothing to do with BB. So she has no claim or connection in regards to BB.

If she wants to protest his release as a citizen, go ahead.

She instead wants to use her FAMILY NAME as a means to organize opposition.

But her FAMILY hated or hates her.

So what she is doing is IMO wrong.

Brian Davis said...

Col, fair enough. Appreciate you ! Thanks !

deadwoodhbo said...

If people would stop putting manson and his clan on a pedelstool they might of all had a chance for parole.worse crimes have been committed and those that committed them are free today.
Its all the crazy mansonites that keep these people in prison.