Friday, December 19, 2008


Hmmm Tom O'Neill is in the damn credits babbling about more bodies- he is now the new Debra huh..... Dostie can't accept that he had an EPIC FAIL- he found nothing at Barker and now he is roaming Spahn- is Gresham next, lol... Gypsy is on on second and she lies about being 17- she was 25 I think....Hoyt says they pretended to be "mountain folk"- what the fuck is that? Dostie is an expert on Helter Skelter - because he read it twice!...OMG O'Neill after ten years of research actually claims there are 24 murders they cannot pin on the Family- what a croc! There goes hopes for that book...Hughes wasn't murdered, sorry Kay...narrator lists 2 real victims, one likely victim and one non victim and then says there are many more- but no there aren't....more Dostie comedy...babbling about missing men- nonsense....sweaty O'Neill thinks the imaginay victims were snitches...Fat Hoyt says "Crossed Them" when she WAS "them"....Debra says "Hey Me!"....more Dostie frolics....Dostie gets excited to dig- in the footsteps of Larry Melton!...He fails then cries about limitatons....Sheriff speaks reason....Dostie goes to another Ranch....I wonder if he church know Paul is digging up their land- he has no jurisdiction here- just wants attention....I actually nod off during this crap....Dostie starts to look like Nelson to me...They fail again but cry about it again....Narrator claims there are more questions but there aren't....


Flora said...

Yes, this doc was yet another disappointment. I think it would have been better if they just touched upon the digs and didn't spend the majority of the show on it. My dog seemed to enjoy the last 3/4s of the show more than I did. Paul's dog is cute.

It could've been better if they covered the other known murders (Shea, Hinman, Willetts) & suspicious deaths(Pugh, Zero, Tennerelli, etc.) in a little more depth. That would be a much more interesting doc telling all those stories, and busting some myths.

I'm curious as to who you consider to be the "2 real victims, one likely victim and one non victim." I assume Shea & Hinman are givens who are fairly frequently mentioned and not really forgotten. So then is it the Willetts & Haught as the victims, & then Pugh or Tennerelli are not in you opinion?

ColScott said...

Willetts were killed by some bag guys who were fucking Manson girls- very hard to say it was Mansons. Haught I believe was killed by Davis. Tennerrelli wasn't Manson at all

FrankM said...

I think you can take Pugh out of the equation, despite circumstantial evidence that he knew Sandie and Bruce.

He was a known schizophrenic and - despite sensationalist reports from people who have not seen the Metropolitan Police's paper work - there is nothing about his death that is inconsistent with suicide.

For me the clincher is that his own father - a medical doctor himself - travelled to the UK for the inquest and was quite satisfied with the coroner's verdict.

The idea of the Family's long arm stretching across the Atlantic in vengeance is plain fanciful, as is talk of not wanting what happened to Joel to happen to us. Sometimes if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it may just be one.


deadwoodhbo said...

AC im sorry i do have to ask why is a defender of AWTA YOU! standing and smileing by a liveing christmas tree that has been cut down and decorated in your house ?
Is not atwa surpose to be protecting trees not cutting them down .What a horrible waste of a live tree .
And can you tell me why this is quoted on your myspace blog by you
" Charles Manson for always speaking the truth and putting his life on the line to save this planet".
How on hell has charlie ever put his life on the line to save the planet?Thank god for the real men and women who put there lives on the line for this planet

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Scramblehead said...

Big deal!
Do we know the title of the silent movie (circa 1916) that we see a clip from in the beginning?

Even better...does anyone know of any movies (silent or otherwise)that were filmed at the ranch and show it in it's prime?

Would be interesting to see damnit!!!

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Since you asked... Here in Michigan, small pine trees are a cash crop, considered the same as wheat, corn, or truck vegetables. The trees are on a 15-year rotation cycle rather than a yearly cycle. They're harvested and new ones are planted yearly, but each individual tree is left to grow for fifteen years. In the meantime they give us oxygen and provide cover for wildlife.

Many of my friends own tree farms, as the acidic sandy lakeshore soil is good for growing them. When we're done with them, after Yule, they're turned into wood chip mulch or burned as fuel.

Fruit trees, including apples, tart cherries, and peaches that are also grown in this region, are on a 20-year cycle, growing their crop, then cut down and replanted. When they are cut down, they're used for furniture and firewood. If just left to stand and grow any longer, they'd die on their own. Then they're wasting space, being a risk for fire.

So when you buy apple wood furniture or Scotch pines from Michigan, you're supporting our local economy and our farmers. Not to mention air quality and wildlife. If the tree farms went under, the land would likely be developed into condos for tourists from Chicago and Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Just a small fyi..(not Manson related) just needed to add to Ace's previous post. My Mother's property resides next to a Christmas tree farm in Georgian Bay, Canada. I can tell you for sure..they are harvested and trimmed specifically for Christmas. Each tree cut is replaced with a new sapling. I too, was concerned..but nothing to worry about is quite beautiful, and environmentally sound.

Anonymous said...

Col, thanks for the video. I missed out, so appreciate your posting it (big time!). What struck me mostly, is, that Dostie didn't find what he wanted to he's now a "dog with a bone" (so to speak). So NOW there are anomolies in the soil...limitations to digging space..BAM!.. dig at Spahn!...Damn! Buster! Hyperbole...just sayin..'Lil

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

What happened with Mr. BeauSoleil's parole hearing?

If he got bounced, he might want to try that 75% rule...

FrankM said...


According to Bret's site:

KCBS 2: Next Hearing Scheduled in December 2013

LOS ANGELES: A state parole board panel Monday denied parole to former Charles Manson follower Robert Beausoleil, who was convicted in a musician's 1969 stabbing death.

The two-member panel from the Board of Parole Hearings issued a five-year denial, making the 61-year-old inmate eligible for his next parole hearing in 2013, according to Deputy District Attorney Patrick Sequeira.

Beausoleil was initially sentenced to death for the July 26, 1969, slaying of Gary Hinman in his Topanga Canyon home. But his sentence -- along with those of Manson and a number of his followers -- was later commuted to life in prison following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on new requirements for capital cases.

Most recently, the parole board has denied a plea for "compassionate release" in July from former Manson follower Susan Atkins, who has terminal brain cancer, along with Bruce Davis' September 2007 bid for parole. Atkins and Davis were also convicted in Hinman's killing.

Manson and many of his other former followers, who have repeatedly been denied parole, remain behind bars.

Sbsugar said...

I'm wondering why no-one has mentioned the part about the dead it another instance of fabricated testimony?