Monday, October 29, 2007

Cults- Most Evil

So I saw this special on cable. Most Evil: Cults or some stupid bullshit. It's about this idiot doctor who still watches 16 mm films on a projector like it's 1978 or so. He looks to be about 100 years old. I assume there is a respirator next to the cameraman at all times. He has a system to rank evil. It is based on narcissistic personality disorders and other big words. Basically he just makes it up.

The Col has a most retarded scale and gives this program a 20 (out of 20).

Catherine GYPSY Share shows up. She must be looking for a book deal, because she has become the go to person for retarded cable shows to call up and interview. She may be being repped by Mark Turner, the evil owner of the amazing site or something because his fat ass gets a thank you on the show. She tells the same

story about Charlie threatening her with a Clem beating and shit. Is it true? I don't know- first time anyone heard it was on that lame ass History Channel last year. But let's ask Gypsy other questions next time, cable losers, okay?

1- Why did you shoot at police officers dozens of times during the Hawthorne robbery?
2- Why did you attempt to escape from prison during the trial for the robbery?
3- Why did you become a fugitive on the run for credit card scams for well over another decade?
4- Why did you stay with the Family during the trials even after Charlie and Clem were under lock and key?
5- Just how full of shit are you really, Catherine?
6- And oh yes, why did you help clean up after Shorty Shea's murder as an accessory after the fact, according to multiple sources, Catherine?

Do you think Michael Stone, alleged Doctor, asked ANY of these questions before putting this career criminal on the air?

I don't either.

[We gots Gypsy and her son and Gypsy and Gypsy's tits because Jesus likes tits]


Anonymous said...

Without sounding lazy (for I really am not), can you refresh me on where it is that the information about Gyp-sy cleaning up after Shorty's murder can be found? For the life of me, I can not recall that...

Did you ever get the Rice book you paid for months ago?

deadwoodhbo said...

Dam!!!!!!!! Col awesome thank you.

agnostic monk said...

7. Do you feel maybe just a little bit bad about getting up on the stand in front of the courtroom, the press, and the entire world to blame all the murders on Linda Kasabian, lying to the world that Linda was the mastermind just to save your killer friends? Committing perjury?

Now that you're all into christian morals and forgiveness, have you ever tried to get in touch with Linda or her family to apologize for how those lies might have affected her or her children?

ColScott said...

well they WERE lies but Linda was far from innocent
although not indeed far from Spokane

agnostic monk said...

hi col, I hear ya. not innocent, I would never claim that. But her children certainly were and those lies were outrageous. My feeling is that sort of thing contributed to her later problems in life (no I am not trying to paint her as a victim - I know you'd never let me get away with that, LOL.)

p.s. what does "far from spokane" mean? Is that a song lyric or something? please edumacate my ignorant mind : )

ColScott said...

just that Tacoma is not far from Spokane$ref&se=$se&doby=&city=&name_style=1

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...
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