Monday, September 24, 2007

We Get Queries

I don't always respond to letters because I am a busy son of a bitch. It is tough making all that money and keeping my supermodel wife happy. Couple that with having to slap down those freaks Cg and Jiminy Crickett and that makes for a busy Col. But here are three letters. My replies are in red.

Dear Colonel Scott,

Hi! I’ve been reading your fascinating Tate LaBianca blog for the past couple of months. I’m up to October 2006. Can’t access most of the films, because we have sloooow dial-up out here in the wilds of rural Michigan. (“Official” site… is that sort of like the “official” sports drink of NASCAR?) Anyway. I’ve come up with some things about the cases that just don’t compute.We do consider rural Michigan to be the United States, so welcome. And no, not like Nasacar, more like cow tipping.

It took five guys to subdue one midget? Charlie W., Paul, Bruce, Clem, and Charlie M.? I don’t buy it. And why is Charlie M. claiming the vic was dismembered, when Shea's body was found intact? Sounds like Dad threatening the kids with the bogeyman.Paul had nothing to do with any killings. He was just the snitch. Tex was in jail when this happened. It took two, Bruce and Clem, while Charlie watched and Gypsy and Brenda cleaned , according to my information and opinion.

2.) But it took only one guy with the dubious help of three females, one who claimed she never entered the house, to kill FIVE people? Three of them fairly strong guys. Two of whom are suspected drug dealers. Hey, don’t they issue weapons to the dope pushers out there in California?They were stoned and not expecting hippies.

3.) Is there any DNA evidence linking Charles M. to either the Tate or LaBianca crime scenes?None that I know off

4.) If yes, howcome that hasn’t been brought up recently? And if no, same question… high-profile murders usually get a DNA revisit in these modern times. A few death-penalty prisoners have been given a free pass when the DNA doesn’t match up to expectations. But no one claims they didn't DO it so there is no reason for a revisit.

Is there anything other that unreliable hearsay linking Charles M. to either the Tate or LaBianca crimes? Physical evidence, fingerprints, footprints, eye-witnesses from the neighborhood, anything other than a piece of rawhide? ("Hey, dude, where's the tie to my favorite shirt?")Nothing on Tate. Leather strips from his shirt at LaBianca

6.) If Charlie M. told everyone what to write in blood on the walls,He didn't- at most it is claimed he said write something "witchy"

howcome there weren’t any references to ATWA?Cause he made that shit up years later That was already a buzz word around the ranch, or so I’m told. No references to “Stranger in a Strange Land”? Heck, the guy named his kid after the main character. And we're supposed to believe that "Helter Skelter" was supposed to start a race war? Did someone forget to send a memo to the Brothas?We don't believe it here at the Official Blog

7.) Don’t discount Charlie as being dumb. I admire a man who taught himself to read and write, play the guitar, and have knowledge about environmental causes. Charles is cool. He’s simply a shaman, a medicine-talker, a dreamer, a poet, a musician. Having known dozens of ’em, they ALL talk like that. You say “Good morning”, and they reply, “The sun is beaming down through the prisms of my mind.” You ask ’em “Did you kill anyone?” and they’ll answer, “The ravens of death float over the wreckage of the populace.” This doesn’t play so hot in court or at the parole board hearing. Soooo – howcome nobody could find him a lawyer who could translate Shaman to Latinized Engish Legalese? (Evidence of Shamanic stuff... the hole in the earth is a well-documented Native American and pre-Christian European legend. And I think the rap about the race war was a prediction of the Los Angeles riots. But I'm a Pagan, and we take that kind of thing seriously. We even write theses about it, and get paid money.)I never said he was dumb. I don't believe he wants out.

8BBobby BeauSoleil says he killed Hinman, with aforementioned dubious female help, and that Charles M. really hadn’t anything to do with it. So whatever happened to the infamous ear-splitting sword of destruction? Wasn’t there a claim it was used in another assault or killing? So why isn’t it listed as “Exhibit #153” anywhere? Or did I miss this?Charlie attacked, Bobby killed.

9.) Anybody happen to do a tox test on either Charlie W. or Sadie after they were caught?It was months later. No. Cuz their behavior sure seems like amphetamine rage. Not that I would know about that, or anything. I bet if they had peed in a cup, the speed would actually bubble to the top and boil over.

10.If the ranch was a hotbed of drug dealership, how come the police never confiscated much of anything? They raided the place numerous times. They even took away the kids, once or twice. Here and now, in Michigan circa the year of our lord two double ought seven, a high school teacher with a roach stuck to his shoe got jailed and lost his license. Was sunny CA so drowning in

drugs in 1969 that the cops overlooked the bales of pot, rolls of acid tabs, barrels of psy-mushrooms that permeated the ranch? Or wasn’t there really anything there?It was a different time. Acid had been legal for years.

11How’bout la casa Polanski? Anything ever found during the collection of evidence? I have a hard time believing there wasn’t so much as a roach in the ashtray. What about the lovely home of the LaBiancas? Can you say cover-up? There were no drugs found at either place.

12.This one is gonna get me angry letters from the Italian sirname defamation league) “Supermarket owner”, my left tit. I’m willing to bet the farm that LaBianca was the supplier, Hinman and Frykowski the dealers (and Crowe, too) with Charlie W. and pals getting a piece of the action for the bikers, musicians and other assorted pals. Funny, the prosecutor didn’t bring this up. Oh, yeah, he was Italian, LaBianca was Italian. The whole thing smells like the sweet scent of hashish in the morning. Somebody owed somebody money.That last line is true.

13. (Last one, I promise, thirteen’s a good number) As the owner and manager of a late-teen-age girl and her collection of boyz du jour, I can’t even get them to take out the trash and run a broom across the floor. So I am to believe that an ethereal poet-musician-shaman with CSP all over his resume, not only masterminded an intricate plot, but actually persuaded five or six young folks to follow his detailed commands? Riiiight. It was prolly much more like “Let’s go cow tipping, Katie!”Hey wait! “Let’s go paint our names on the water tower, Sadie!” I always thought he simply said FUCK THAT MELCHER GUY SOMEONE SHOULD GO TO HIS HOUSE AND SEND HIM A MESSAGE and the two people who had the most to prove, Tex and Sadie, went.

Colonel, you are right that you’ve forgotten more about this case than even the prosecutor ever knew… any insights? Please don't mock me for my ignorance,Never. You are not like those in that Yahoo group. since I've only met a few of the players in this drama, and they're just as confused as the rest of us. Thank you for your time.




Hello, I'm Luigi from Buenos Aires. I have gotten interested in the case when I was about fourteen, ten years ago. In between, I have read what was considered to be THE books on Manson. First off, the bug's one, then I got Taming the beast, the family, in his own words, the manson file, squeaky, and manson: the unhily trail....
Well, researching your website, I ve come to find out a few things I did not know, and I ve wondered ever since a few more. If you know about it, I d rather you answer them, please. I'm curious.
*Where's Sandy (Good) nowadays? Any clue what she's up to?No I don't really care
And THE question:
*What do you know about the claim that Manson went to the Tate house after the murders went down along with someone else to wipe out some prints and stuff, and plant those glasses to confuse investigators? The only books that gives credit to that is Gilmore's and Sander's. The bug's does not. And I 've wondered to this day if that is 'true' or not. I believe it is true that he did.
*What about the new Hendrikson docummentary about MansonIt premieres Friday, and the movie The Devil Exists?sounds like my last bowel movement
Well, keep up the good work, it's quite interesting.

I am truly offended by what your articles on Debra Tate and other victims.I have a suggestion then- don't read it.
Maybe she is not a saint but she is Sharon' sister so she is a victim of Manson too isn't it? Maybe but certainly not in the same way or same extent. And not Manson himself obviously
I think she deserves respect because she lost her sister. Respect is earned not given.
I don't understand why you are so mean with her !?Because she is a liar and attention seeker
Your blog is so rude and very bad taste.Please don't read it then.
Except some great rare pictures it's a lot of gossip. If by gossip you mean pure facts then yes you are correct.
For example, telling Steven Parrent was gay!?It is crucial because it explains why he was at the house.

I am gay too but it's personnal and I don't see the link with the case.It was a major link.
Steve was young and it was a long time ago.
Beside you were not in the guest house. And who cares??It is crucial because it provides a viable reason why Parent was there and why Garrettson lied so much. It allows us to establish that neither of them were actual targets of the killers.
I was also digusted by all the bullshit about Jay & Sharon, the comments about Jay's tight speedo...well it wasn't loose. He was basically in a thong on the bed at the house of his pregnant ex girlfriend. That is
pretty important.

I don't know who you are but you are certainly not the official voice of the Tate LaBianca case.I am Col Scott and this is the one and only Official Blog.

Your pseudonym is also bad taste (Manson's father!)
It is because everything to do with the case is my responsibility
without mentionning the quotes of Manson on your first page.
The quotes point out that the prosecution story is bullshit

People like you make me sick.Try an aspirin

I was speechless by so much vulgarity and disrespect toward the victims. I think the victims would want the truth to finally be known. I know I would no matter how long it took.

Let them rest in peace and leave their family alone. Get a life!
From Belgium,


Anonymous said...

The only disagreement I have, is that there were drugs found at the Tate house and in Sebring's car. Not saying that it was a dealable amount, but drugs were indeed found.

Anonymous said...

To be more specific, according to Officer McGann:

75 grams of pot in living room cabinet
30 grams hash in Abby & Voytek's bedroom
10 tabs of MDA in same bedroom

In Jay's car:

1 gram coke
2.9 grams pot
and a 2 inch roach on the floor.

If it is true, that Rostau was paying a visit and didn't come back because he couldn't get more drugs, I wonder what he was trying to score for them???

agnostic monk said...

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but Shorty was no midget. Maybe I'm remembering this incorrectly, but I don't think his nickname was a reference to his size. I think I recall him being described as big and very strong.

I think I read that somewhere in one of the gazillion articles on catscradles AMAZING library of reference material.

p.s. Col you make me laugh

agnostic monk said...

Oh, I also have to agree with one point from your reader about the speed. I believe it played a much bigger role in these crimes than people really know. Amphetamines can make people absolutely insane. Tex and Sadie's consumption of the drug that night likely had a lot to do with how things played out. Katie apparently was not on speed but was coming down from an acid trip, but I wouldn't be surprised if she had taken some acid that was cut with a lot of strychnine (I am told that acid is sometimes mixed that way). Linda was supposedly not on anything which may have something to do with why she remained outside and didn't/couldn't engage in violence.

This is not me saying that drugs are the cause, just that speed played a significant role. There was something in the souls of Tex, Sadie, and Katie that allowed them to rage like that.

Anonymous said...

Question-where was Tex in jail at the time of Shorty's murder and for what offense? Usually Tex is placed in the car with Clem....

agnostic monk said...

that's what I though, cats. I thought Tex was present when Shorty was killed. I'm digging through Watson's autobiography but can't find it mentioned....

Anonymous said...

I dug thru Tex, he glides over Shorty. Not a mention, I ran a search on his website. (not saying I would mention it if I were Tex either, but hell whats one more on his Christian lack of conscience).

Grogan places him there. Don't remember if Davis does or not.

But I don't think Tex was in jail at the time of Shorty's death.And if he was, I would love to know for what.

agnostic monk said...

by the way, why would anyone be offended by the suggestion that Steve Parent might have been gay and that he may have hooked up with Garretson? I mean, who freakin cares? The poor kid's only mistake was his specific choice of company that night.

angeLos said...

The Col said : I always thought he simply said FUCK THAT MELCHER GUY SOMEONE SHOULD GO TO HIS HOUSE AND SEND HIM A MESSAGE and the two people who had the most to prove, Tex and Sadie, went.

Yes Ok, but CM knew that TM was living in Malibu...He said also the 8th aug 69 (correct me if I'm wrong) go to the house were TM used to live and...what ?
CM knew STP was living there ... Don't you or somebody else think there can be also this faint but nonetheless one possibility ? of CM wanting STP to be killed ? it has at least to be taken into consideration as a possibility imho
CM had that night probably the power to prevent that some people would get hurt , he choose not to do that

agnostic monk said...

I always doubted that. Was Charlie ever really hip to the hollywood scene enough to even know her name? I realize that he did his share of hobnobbing, but he seemed more "fringe rock and roll" hobnobbing than "classy model/actress in the hills" hobnobbing.

agnostic monk said...

regarding charlie saying "FUCK THAT MELCHER GUY SOMEONE SHOULD GO TO HIS HOUSE AND SEND HIM A MESSAGE" and Tex and Sadie just doing it, I am going to quote the respected late defense attorney Paul Fitzgerald, as quoted by Ed Sanders...

"Manson wants to tell the truth, as long as it does not involve him. He is a victim of his own game. He deliberately skirts the issue. He tells people I can't tell you what to do, but you could do this. Then when the people do it, the psychic reality to them is that he told them to do it... Manson is a victim of his own programming in the sense that he "really" tells people what to do, then he complains when they do it." - October 28, 1970

agnostic monk said...

oh and keep in mind, this is one of the DEFENSE attorneys who fought like hell to free these people, not some establishment lackey for the prosecutors.

Fitzgerald was originally attorney for Manson, then represented Katie and was probably the most intelligent and capable of the entire defense team. He got to know Manson very well. Not everything he has to say about Manson is negative, in fact he seemed to be fond of him on some level, but the above is a telling insight. In my personal opinion it is one of the single most important insights into this entire case.

Anonymous said...

agnostic monk said:
Fitzgerald was originally attorney for Manson, then represented Katie and was probably the most intelligent and capable of the entire defense team. He got to know Manson very well. Not everything he has to say about Manson is negative, in fact he seemed to be fond of him on some level, but the above is a telling insight. In my personal opinion it is one of the single most important insights into this entire case.

Really? that the lawyer like his client somewhat is a insight to the case????

Anonymous said...

Hate it for ya Col, you are not always right, just mostly, Tex was in on the Shorty Killing and not in jail