Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Of all the many footnotes of this bizarre and crazy crime, the "Sandy Good wants to go to jail so she can be like Squeaky but the attempted murder of the President of the United States thing is so done so why don't I and Susan Murphy send threatening
letters to random executives claiming we give a shit about the environment and in the process throw away ten years of our lives" is certainly a humdinger.

I mean what must the psychology of this have been? She had created her own folies a deux with Squeaky that is clear. She wanted to keep the Manson game going. I get all that. But here is the joke- NOBODY cared. She went away for ten freaking years and you barely can find anything about it written or otherwise. If Fromme is the footnote to TLB then Lettergate is like the footnote to a zygote to a pimple.

You hear nowadays that she has repudiated Charlie but then that means she did THROW AWAY those ten years. I do not believe that she has.

(all pics from the time of her trial for sending letters)


zoomjaw said...

She was always the most comic bookie of all.Always spouting of on this radical and phony bullshit.Even Charlie could see through her enough to know not to sent her with Tex and the other murdering zombies

Heaven said...

Sandy was in jail those two nights so she couldn't have gone with them even if she wanted to...


zoomjaw said...

Your right Heaven she was.I still don't think Charlie would have sent her or Squeaky for that matter.

Heaven said...

I agree, I doubt he would have either..

Word is, he only sent those that he thought were expendable and that he knew would do the job without question.

Sandra was quite pregnant at the time too, so she probably wouldn't have been much use..


galgate said...


Is it not the case that both Susan and Tex were more or less out of Charlie's control .. and that is why he went up to Cielo Drive later to see what had been done.

And that Charlie threw a thousand fits with them both afterwards? I seem to have read that somewhere.

If that were the case it seems odd Charlie would have chosen them. Unless they were the only people he thought capable of killing?

It seems Cappy was keen to go - and she would surely have been more malleable - but of course she (allegedly) screwed up on the attempt to kill Ma Barker. Can't see her as a killer myself, but who knows.

Bet Cappy's glad today she didn't go up to Cielo Drive. Or maybe not - she apparently still hankers after a family revival (fat chance).

Heaven said...

I can't tell you exactly why he sent Susan and Patricia..

I do know that Tex owed Manson a favor because Manson shot Crowe because of a dope deal between him and Tex..

The rest only Manson himself knows.. I think he went back just because he was curious and wanted to make sure they'd done what they were told to do. But again, only Manson really knows...


agnostic monk said...

Sandra always gave me the willies more than almost any of the women, even dare I say the one's who killed. I mean, 30 plus years later she was still celebrating those murders as some kind of revolutionary just cause that could have saved the world.

And she gave up her son to keep the faith as well.

I cannot watch her on video or read any of her quotes without shaking my head. And she puts her own spin on things. I highly doubt Tex Watson was thinking about the trees and the birds and the dolphins while he was driving the girls to Cielo.

agnostic monk said...

Cappy wanted to go to the Tate house but she did testify during the trial that she really didn't know what they were going to do.. "and I don't think they (the girls) knew either."

That said, she was fine with it once she knew what they had done, and she seemed to vehemently despise Kasabian for telling on them. Even Sandy is on camera saying she understood why Linda turned states and still considered her a "friend." Not Cappy.

Deb said...

I haven't read Tex's book for 20 years (guessing) but who set up the drug burn for Crowe anyhow? Why is it that Tex has to be told how to go about doing the the Tate LaBianca murders but he is clever enough to set up his own drug burn a month before hand? Does anyone know?

agnostic monk said...

hi Deb, I'm not sure who set it up but I really don't think it required much of a clever mind. Didn't he just leave Crow in the car, take the money and run out the back door? And it was a failed plan as the next thing he knew Crow was holding Luella(?) hostage. Pretty stupid strategy actually.

Heaven said...

I'd have to go look at his book to be 100%, but I think it was all Texs' deal..

I think he put it together to score money and/or dope and impress Manson. But it backfired.


galgate said...

Monk says: Even Sandy is on camera saying she understood why Linda turned states and still considered her a "friend." Not Cappy.

Maybe Cappy wasn't all that bright? Always looked a bit dim to me.

Funny, she's never given an interview, never really mentioned anywhere. Wonder what happened to her?

Probably just another 60s casualty