Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tangential Events

I am always intrigued by the number of events that went on around this case that never got followed through on. Like why did the police believe that Zero committed suicide when we can clearly read what happened and realize he didn't? Why did they never follow up on Joel Pugh's killing? Where was Bruce when he and Nancy went into the sewers for a few weeks?

Is it just me or if some of this shit happened today would the police take a closer look? I think so.

In any case, here is another cool photo of the gang getting arraigned (I guess it is two photos) for giving Fat Hoyt an LSD burger. It is this LSD that has made her lie about Shorty's death for the past few decades. And of course, also made people like Nelson and Bug follow Babs around. You know, for crumbs.


Anonymous said...

Joel Pugh-exactly who is he in the grand scheme of things? It is said that he was Sandy's husband (and she does adopt his name as hers at points) and she has remarked that she met him while at San Fran State while going to college, he was a zoologist and traveled to Africa. But for being "important" enough to off, what was his role in things?

When Bruce stoned sauntered up to the courthouse with Daye Shinn (who was disbarred later on for non-related matters) he remarks when asked why he turned himself in, that some people were to be cut loose. (on top of his Now thing). I wonder who was supposed to be cut loose?

Also, either he or Nancy told a reporter that they had gotten married in I believe Reno around six weeks earlier. I don't know on that one for Bruce calls Nancy his common law wife in prison papers.

ColScott said...

My guess is Joel is a nobody, but he ends up dead suspiciously and the police just let it go. That was my point.

Anonymous said...

Okay-thank you for the clarification. What about the 35 murders that the Bug always brings up? (yes I said the dreaded three letter word). Does an actual list exist somewhere?
Off the top of my head I can come up with:
1) Joel Pugh
2) Doreen Gaul and James Sharp
3) Marina Habe
4) Deborah Furlong & Kathy Snoozy (done actually by Karl Warner, but Sadie had been in San Jose when it happened)
5) Karl Stubbs
6) Christopher Jesus
7) Jane Doe #59

Any idea on the others? And who I am missing?

Pristash said...

Well, add the 9 TLB and your already at 18. I've always figured that Bugliosi just threw in every unsolved murder in So Cal from the time Charlie got out of prison until he was finally incarcerated...perhaps even beyond that...Ron Hughes, other retaliation murders...

Perhaps the list can now be even longer: Cass Elliott, Sal
Mineo, Dennis Wilson, Natalie Wood?

Anonymous said...

And I also forgot Mark Walts.

It seems like were trying to "close" cases, Pristash. And I wonder how many are still open?

agnostic monk said...

catscradle77 said...
>>>I wonder who was supposed to be cut loose?

it is my understanding that it was Nancy herself that was being cut loose. Ed Sanders briefly covers this in his book. She was wanted for some charges stemming from that old Family pastime, credit card fraud.

The deal was that if Bruce turned himself in (being wanted himself for Shorty and Gary), the charges against Brenda would be dropped. Daye Shinn (I think it's him, you can't exactly see who is saying it) says in that classic video of the event that the girls organized the whole thing and you can see Cappy shaking her head "no, don't tell" when reporters ask Bruce who is being cut loose.

Pristash said...

cats said: It seems like were trying to "close" cases, Pristash. And I wonder how many are still open?

Yes, good question! That would be a fair way for someone to begin a dialogue with the last edition of HS, has he still made that claim? In all these years, perhaps some of these unsolved murders have been solved and perhaps a much more realistic number may be available rather than the sensationalistic one. I'm not a journalist, and I don't have Bugliosi's email address, but a list of those 35 murders could be very helpful...then I would go on the LA Times website and start searching the archives....

As for solving cases...I'm still waiting for Tate-LaBianca to be solved for real!

Pristash said...

Oh, and Bugliosi just solved the JFK thing after all these years...and spent like a thousand pages on it...why can't we even get straight answers from him about the blood map, Garrettson, the sounds and calls to the police and security services that first night, and the drug burn?

Glad I don't live in LA. I would hate paying all those taxes to fund such a shitty police force!

Anonymous said...

Pristash --can one actually get ahold of the Bug if a camera is not present? I have done some digging, and come up with a couple different ones that don't appear to have hit any type of closure. Whether or not there is a connection, or if they are murders that are seperate would be made easier if files would be opened or the dreaded 35 number list would be shared.

Monk--The confusing part in this is, why would Nancy need to be cut loose? She wasn't in custody at the time, and in the grand scheme of things, the whole credit card thing is shaky for Bruce to turn himself in for.

His words I believe were 'people' were to get cut loose meaning plural. If we accept Nancy as one, who constitutes the rest of 'people', and why was he hushed?