Sunday, July 01, 2007

Katie Pushes Six Months

The Col just heard that Patricia Krenwinkel has pushed her parole hearing six months.

There is a famous parole hearing where she says "I know you want me to kill myself but I cannot take my own life."

Dig it- this bitch along with Tex killed over a half dozen people either because she was into it or because she thought it was a good idea. SHE WANTED TO DO IT.

If she had any decency she would stop applying for parole.

If she had any self respect she WOULD kill herself. As that great line goes, SOME people need killing.

Rehabilitation? Fuck you and die you slaughtering ugly whore.


zoomjaw said...

Has any of Abigail Folger's family ever made their feelings known on the parole hearings?I think she had a brother,did she not?

ColScott said...

they never go

deadwoodhbo said...

Awesome post thankyou Col

grimtraveller said...

It's not really an awesome post. It was a rather angry one though.