Saturday, December 30, 2006


Bret is the winner of the 2006 Man of The Year award. For that he gets a pat on the head and our thanks.

Bret’s site has evolved into everything Bill Nelson ever dreamed of. Except for the charging money part. And the psycho Christian part. And the fondling twelve year olds part. Okay, it’s just the best site out there.

Bret hasn’t done any primary research yet, that I know of. But once he does, watch out. Can you imagine him asking the hard questions of a Mary Brunner or of the BUG himself? What Bret does is provide a one stop spot for news on the case, and for research on the case. All brilliantly displayed, especially since his last site update.

The Col has gotten to be friendly with him, although we haven’t met. I admire his lack of a point of view either way. His openness with material. His positive attitude. He lacks the hypocrisy of Mark Turner. He doesn’t exhibit the pettiness of Debra Tate. He’s not opening a store selling things he doesn’t own the rights to, like Bo at Cielo Drive. Jesus isn’t making him do it like Dennis Rice. And he’s not a nasty, arrogant puissant like the Col. To be honest, I’m not sure why Bret is doing it. I’m afraid to ask him. I am just thrilled to death that he is.

Bret recently unearthed almost 4 hours of local news footage related to the case. Again I don’t know why or how. He put a few minutes up on his site and I linked to it last week. But he shared it with me and will share it with you when the time is right. Lots of stuff repeats from the old 1970 tape. Bruce’s surrender, perp walks, lawyer talks. But you get much more of the girls on the corner. And you get to see Lotsapoppa speak ! And there’s footage of the Hawthorne trial with lying criminal Gypsy and her close cropped hair. And best of all, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, the girls, Nancy and Kitty and Sandy working on Charlie’s vest. And Bobby’s vest. The same vest the Col owns and keeps under glass. That was soooo cool.

So we hereby present the OTLB MAN OF THE YEAR Award to Bret. Between us and the readers here and at KTS maybe the truth has a chance.

Thank you Bret!


Heaven said...

Bret is a great guy with a fantastic site!

WTG Bret!!


ColScott said...

I only know the man's work and it is amazing.

I cannot tell you what it was like to see my vest as a work in progress!

Heaven said...

Col Scott, it's beyond cool that you have the vest...

I bet that's a conversation piece lol


ColScott said...


actually most people look at us and wonder if we are nuts

I am so happy- Barbara embroidered one bit of it and we stopped her

rather have it unfinished that not finished by the girls

Heaven said...
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Deb said...

I just looked at Bret's site again and you guys are right... it is fabulous... there are new crime scene photographs that I haven't seen before and the videos. very cool.

Is it possible to see video of when Tex was tried? or even before when the murders just occurred but they didn't know who was responsible? I'd like to see the media slant then.. plus I would love to see the news stories of when they discovered the clothes on the side of the hill. I am so greedy I know.

Deadwoodhbo said...

Happy new year everyone

jempud said...

Talking of vests, I have seen two different accounts of what happened to CM's embroidered one: a) that CM himself destroyed it and b) that it's 'in the private collection of Elizabeth Taylor' (go figure).

I tend to believe the first - anyone know for sure?

Oh, by the way, thanks for subscribing me Col.


ColScott said...


according to multiple sources Charlie cut it up and gave it to various prisoners at the time so they wouldn't kick his ass