Saturday, February 25, 2012

Col Scott Knows No Wrong

I am frequently attacked by fucking idiots who believe shit that Greg King, Unofficial Sharon Tate biographer says.

I am frequently told by fans (ewww) of Debra that I am lying about her stealing her father's ashes and mixing them with sour cream.

I just finished my latest read of the Statman book, the final draft.

You're welcome.
The book is riveting and informative, the best book on the subject in over a decade.

Since I, The Col, The proprietor of the ONLY Official Blog on the case, have frequently crossed paths with Greg King, a self righteous phony who studied under convicted pedophile Bill Nelson on THIS message board, let's quote what the Tate Family thought about his biography of SHaron--

E TV is researching their infamous special THE LAST DAYS OF SHARON TATE. A breast cancer diagnosis has made Patti cancel her interview.

"Perhaps if I'd been honest with the show's producers they would have been more sympathetic with my family. As it was they interviewed biographer Greg King, who unfairly portrayed my father as a frostbitten tyrant and Mom as a starstruck, meddling, conniving stage mother, pushing Sharon into the limelight.....Had I done the show no one would have heard Greg King's interpretation of my family. I could have balanced fact and fiction." Patti Tate

Greg likes to play aw shucks around here but for years now has called THE COL out on whether Deb Tate was disowned by her family, telling the Col he was wrong.

Screw you Greg.

"There is my Aunt Debra. Although she is my mothers sister, she is a far-removed Aunt. Never close with Mama, always at battle with her, I knew Debra less than I knew Aunt Sharon. ...What little I Knew about her firsthand was that she had taken my grandfather's ashes and to date had not given him a proper burial." Brie Tate, Sharon's niece/ blood relative

STFU Greg?


maria said...

Almost everything that comes out of Debra's mouth can be proven a lie. She consistently changes her stories and gets her facts mixed up. No wonder --- the truth is easy to remember because it happened. Lies on the other hand are impossible to keep straight thus the ever-changing chronicles of Debra Tate. It was interesting to read Brie's words at the end of the book, when she said that she was slated to speak at Susan Atkins' parole hearing in 2005, but Debra Tate spoke instead. She didn't refer to her as "Aunt Debra", or "my Aunt Debra"....speaks volumes to me.

Uncle Gilly said...

The thought of Debra mixing ashes with sour cream and what she does with it is strangely arousing to me, hmmmm where are the sex tapes Polanski went looking for when he re visited Cielo drive only to find the cops had taken them what do you think of Adam Gorightly Colonel Sir !!?

louis365 said...

Way back, I read Greg's book...what a waste of time - It's obviously full of exagerations and bullshit.

Uncle Gilly said...

@ louis365 yeah louie, not like Bugliosi's book ! race war uh koff yeah!

Uncle Gilly said...

I would like to meet the Colonel ! are you there sir ?

Anonymous said...

Your a friggin LOSER COL SCOTT.
Alisa Statman is a joke and so is that COW FACE Ms.Ford.
Nobody believers her fictional account and the book SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Debra Tate is Sharon's sister so Alisa and and Fat Brie Ford need to step back because everybody will ultimately take Debra's word over those two clowns anyday.

Anonymous said...

Brie Ford can't even answer questions when interviewed and when she does Alisa looks quite nervous.
Col Scott Im sure Sharon would think you are nothing but a piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

Debra is the sole surviving Tate and she will be the one the public ultimatly embraces.
Alisa Statman is a fraud who bought and sold crime scene photos of Jay and Sharon.
I hope Anthony DiMira knows that they put a price on his uncle's dead body!