Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Running from Running Water

Here's a photo I haven't seen before. It's Ron Hughes. He looks happy, even though his sartorial sensibilities are severely infected. He needs a shave. He is raising his fist in some sort of power salute which was stupid even then (Slippy Power?). He has Kanarek by his side. Kanarek doesn't look like the homeless troll last seen a few years ago on some TV Special. The guy whose storage locker was supposedly sold at auction to constitute the "Railroading" book.

And as the Col says, there's no show without Punch and there's the BUG in the back, lurking and seeming smug, wondering if the milkman really fucked his wife or not.

Also, if you made me bet, Hughes either just had a toke or was about to try one out.

Some short time later the poor guy drowned in Sespe Springs. We established that it wasn't a murder here. Also if you can find the newest version of Sanders, he says he drowned in the flash flood.

It makes me wonder what the defense attorneys were thinking. Like Fitzgerald seemed like a smart cat- he had to know that all of them were busted and you should plead. They all acted like it was theatre- all of them. And that is hard for me to fathom.


starship said...

Yes, but it played right into the rest of the Family's mystique. VB did report it but didn't Sandy and/or Squeaky claim that Hughes was the first of the Retaliation Murders?

Hard to fault VB when they were bragging about it.

ColScott said...

"They" were also talking about Helter Skelter but that isn't why 9 people were murdered. VB is held to a higher standard and his bullshit is unconscionable.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they all saw it as a chance to get themselves into the spotlight, and make careers off of it??? Just a few qucik of examples...

Ira Reiner- future D.A.

Paul Fitgerald- died quite comfortably in his Beverly Hills home.. not a bad neighborhood to retire too :)

Here is what Paul Caruso turned into according to his Obituary...

Legendary Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul Caruso Dies at 81
Paul Caruso, one of the best known attorneys in Los Angeles, has died.

Just to point out a few!!

So.... Maybe they saw this as a way to get themselves and there names out there for future personal recognition- and the possible benefits that may come, and in some cases obviously did come, with it???

Anonymous said...

I blame society.

But seriously, the clients were not wanting to plead so pleas were not made. Hughes was not murdered, and by the same token there was no grand conspiracy to deprive these societal rejects of a fair trial.

In particular, I think Charlie thought he had a good chance to beat the rap, especially early on... having his cohorts plead guilty might not have been helpful for his cause, hence maximum pressure applied by him to make them not do so.

Once he realized the gig was up he went into 'lets all go down together" mode.

Charlie's a nice guy. Very selfless. Always thinking of others.

andy said...

in addition to the obvious...the truth and in depth details/discussion about the case lines like this
<<<<<"And as the Col says, there's no show without Punch and there's the BUG in the back, lurking and seeming smug, wondering if the milkman really fucked his wife or not.">>>>>
really make this blog something i look forward to. And no, im not being sarcastic.