Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Only Friend The End

Do you think that this is it for the TLB Case?

I mean, seriously, the books that come out suck. The TV shows are lamed and defanged.

Nobody asks Kasabian why she did things that she probably didn't do.

Nobody asks Gypsy about her life of crime.

Nobody asks BUGliosi about his mental illnesses.

Actually, nobody asks anyone anything anymore.

My guess is we will have to wait for BUG to pass away and then maybe people like Jakobsen will start telling the truth.

What do you all think?


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

If the case was reopened and the evidence was re-examined, who knows what investigators might discover?

angeLos said...

Yes, for me that's it for the TLB Case.
It all comes down to CM psyche in 69, and no one disect it better than SA , if someone has the patience to read
The Myth of ‘Helter Skelter’ by SA he or she will understand very well the events of summer 69 and before.
Not much else to say other than probably CM knew STP was living on Cielo dr. ( met twice, once in CD and once at a Doris Day's party in Malibu) and he was going after LLB ( with whom he argued one year before).

Shak El said...

Anniversaries seem to bring out existential despair since they never live up to expectations. Much like attending one's 40th high school reunion....

Pristash said...

Col, perhaps that is our only hope...VB dies and then maybe some people start talking.

AC, the case won't ever be re-opened by the authorities at least. I've been hoping that a real live investigative journalist would come along and take a crack at it. Perhaps one will.

I can only hope...

agnostic monk said...

not the end, Col... but we do have to consider the possibility that no one out there is withholding any important secrets. I'm really starting to doubt that any Family associates are sitting on crucial case-related information - especially Kasabian and the women in prison. They have told us, more or less, everything they know and can recall. Memories, whether accurate or not, of speed pills in the Ford and retrieving a dead boy's wallet are not exactly earth-shattering or even surprising.

...with one exception: Charlie. Only Charlie knows why he conspired with and encouraged Tex and Co. to murder "pigs." If there is a deeper reason for these crimes, he's probably the only one who could shed light. And even then, I doubt his ability to correctly and coherently recall the past.

grimtraveller said...

Col Scott said...

"What do you all think?"

Six years on, I think that if you piss in the wind, you get showered with urine.
You got your answers back in '69/70. It was a conglomerate that went under the banner of Helter skelter. People spoke of it before Bugliosi was even on the case. A number of people testified to it, even though there was a possibility their lives could be in danger. Since then, every red herring has been laid out, cooked thoroughly, eaten, digested, shat out and flushed into the sewers in an attempt to prove HS was "the Bug's fantasy" and yet, at one point or another every one of the killers has verbalized the importance of HS. Some like Bobby even displayed it's tenets in his attempt to cover his tracks in the Hinman murder. Few people have the stones to defend HS and even before they do, a pre~emptive strike is made by it's opponents by rubbishing it in that wonderfully pervasive way that the internet has made so easy to do.
And yet, despite the books written, articles, films, interviews etc, etc, over 46 years, it's opponents that dedicate so much time looking for the "truth" can only at best say "my opinion is....."
That much of the media parrot the official version in lazy unresearched fashion and portray Charles Manson as the paragon of evil when he obviously is not, doesn't make the basic premise of HS untrue. It's an interesting case with a lot of tentacles reaching into history and the human condition but the answer has been out there for a very long time.
No one however, has to accept it.
Neither would it be the first time.