Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obsessed Bitch from Ronson Board

This Robin Chick seemed at one point to think she was related to the Tates.

She is only sad and amusing now........

(Thanks to the emailer who sent this)


Pristash said...

MMMMM, cookies!

Ok, remind me again: What was the Ronson board? Who ran it? Was it good, bad? Why?

Is it significant that this Robin person was on it, or a coincidence or what? A free ad to sell cookies?


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

I don't get it. How does this relate? Please explain, dear Colonel, using words of very few syllables, so that I can understand.

P.S. Parchment paper catches fire in a wood burning cookstove. :-( Just so ya know, Robin.

deadwoodhbo said...

ac said Rebecca, if you really know Charles, you'd realize that he can't plan a three-year-old's birthday party.
LOL!!! women i dont want to know manson if i did its very easy to get into the little manson posse not a big deal ac so stop acting so high and mighty about knowing manson.Its not that hard to ask Mr Reichard to put manson on the phone or tell manson i am comeing to vist him next week.
Secondly in all your bullshit replys to my posts you still have not told me what atwa are doing to save our dear planet and animals other than piss and moan that the sea sheapards are garbage .
Get of your high horse ac and answer the dam question oh wait a minute HARK!!! whats that
atwa are doing NOTHING! to save our planet yes thats what i thought.

deadwoodhbo said...

DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one simple question and i get a load of bull
Can you handle that question ac

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...
Um, you may have noticed that Charles isn't getting positive press, and since Hearst heirs still run the Amerikan propaganda machine, he isn't likely to. That is why Hearst is still relevant to this discussion.

However, while looking into Sea Shepherds, I'm only finding negative press about them, as well, unless it's somehow connected to their own press releases on their own sites.

Suppression by the overculture? Or genuine dissonance? You decide.

Propaganda? Or gospel truth? "Manson Speaks". These guys told me that chewing gum has a known carcinogen contained in an artificial sweetener, and that plastic bags cause about 1/2 of the trash washing up on the beaches. I'm not using either product any longer. Information is power.

Pristash, Charles says that he somehow ran afoul of Nixon when the former president was still a San Clemente judge. And Nixon DID frequently conspire with the press to obfuscate his own misdeeds. He totally used the Manson trial to cover up the deaths of thousands in Viet Nam, diminish the atrocities committed by police during the civil rights movement, and to downplay his own thievery. And Bugliosi isn't likely to tell any truths unless it earns him $$

Rebecca, if you really know Charles, you'd realize that he can't plan a three-year-old's birthday party. He comes up with good ideas often, but someone else does the planning, and often the implementation. The murders were done by associates who were drug addicts.

Heaven said...
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A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

No idea who Robin is.

As you recall, Deadwood, I wrote about three paragraphs about what I personally was doing for ATWA. No need to repeat it.

I can't speak for anyone else. Some folks that I am aware of are cleaning up rivers and beaches, campaigning for the use of recycled goods, rescuing animals, offerig information about products and services that are Earth-friendly; and one assumes that the individuals who are crusading, are further putting these practices into effect in their own lives.

Most of them were / are inspired by Charles.

Currently DNA is lobbying against the current farming bill which presently advocates using monocrop culture, and using petroleum-based fertilizers rather than organic substances. That has to change. He also protested the government forcing the microchipping of animals, which large agribusinesses did NOT have to do.

When and where did I say the Sea Shepherds were, quote, "garbage", close quote? I've said that I don't agree with any environmental movement that advocates violence or propert damage, including but not limited to vandalizing ships. I further stated that I couldn't find any positive mainstream press about them. As I don't advocate using violence within any of my own ventures, either, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Charles has limited power as an inmate, except for two areas: Requesting that the prison stop using pesticides, corrosive cleaning chemicals, and other products that are harmful to the biosphere. For which he gets in trouble. And inspirining others to act in accord with the air and land.

FrankM said...

Col: I see that Bret's site has been down again for a couple of days. Do you have any idea why, or whether this is a permanent closure?

Or does anyone else know?


ColScott said...

I don't think it's permanent probably just aesnihil again